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Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

Celtic Cross Tarot Reading
The following article tells how you can read the Celtic cross. The reading needs a set of 78 cards, your patience and the inspiration which can be found below.

Reading that focuses on ones whole personality, the so called Celtic cross, is the eldest pattern of Tarot reading ever. It originates from the Middle Ages and since then it has undergone many changes. It is a mirror that doesn't leave out anything relating to human beings. We should use it prior to making important life decisions or in situations when we feel helpless. The reading summons up everything that we have done at our personal, professional as well as spiritual level.

How to shuffle tarot cards

Main points during tarot reading

Before you start reading the cards, it is good to know your personality life symbol as well as growth life symbol for this year. It will be easier for you to understand some context.

Each position has its own meaning. Follow it; the colour of a card in a certain position will also tell you more

If the cards are turned over, you are in the process of a change or you are determined to go ahead with the change.

Royal cards can herald people, who will, like a mirror, show you your qualities and talents.

Trumps or Major Arcana suggest a very strong potential for skills that you are currently using, especially with the appearance of a card that matches your life symbol. This means that any special help that you may get is determined by the position of this card.

Celtic cross positions

The meaning of individual positions

  1. Heart in the past - everything emotional you dealt with in the past
  2. Heart at the present - everything emotional you are dealing with at the moment
  3. Conscious mind - everything you are thinking about, your hope, individual issues, dreams
  4. Subconscious mind - everything it processes - everything that is missing at the conscious level.
  5. Work - creativity, opportunities, obstacles
  6. Ability to make decisions - the courage to a act and accept responsibility
  7. What comes from your work and creativity - can they be the cause of some sort of a breakthrough?
  8. Relationships - deep emotional relationships
  9. Hope and anxiety
  10. Natural behaviour

Celtic cross overview

Once you have finished your Celtic cross reading, you can do an overview by arranging the ten cards you have selected, by their card colour. Wands will be the summary of what goes on at your spiritual level. Swords will reveal the overall picture of your mental positions, opinions and thoughts. Cups will show you, from a wider perspective, what goes on at your emotional level. Pentacles symbolise your overall feelings about the outer reality. Trumps - Major Arcana symbols - will point out the abilities and talents that are helping you on your way. Major Arcana symbols are archetypal energies that come out deep inside your soul.

My personal experience

In difficult life situations, when I was at rock bottom and wanted to ask the cards for an explanation and help, several days before reading I tried to completely relax and concentrate on my own essence.

Before I went to sleep, I tried to free myself from all real problems - I used a system like on a computer, whenever I thought of a real issue, I put it in the bin. Once I felt completely relaxed, I was thankful for all the life tests that I experienced, asked everyone I hurt for forgiveness, forgave everyone who hurt me and in the end I forgave myself. I repeated this ritual for several days and then I read my cards, which helped me deal with the problems step by step.

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