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Tarot Life Card

The Magician - tarot card, Tarot De Marseille
Day, month and year of your birth:

Inherent talents

The life card represents inherent prerequisites and talents. Calculation based on date of birth: You must add the day and month of your birth, then add the year in which you were born. Add all the numbers and if you get a two digit number, continue to add those two digits.


Date of birth 7th September 1979

1. step (day, month, year)
7 + 9 + 1979 = 1995

2. step (add the digits on)
1 + 9 + 9 + 5 = 24
Because the number 24 is greater than 21 and does not match up with any Tarot card, we add the digits on.
2 + 4 = 6

The Tarot life card: The Lovers

(Number 6 - The Lovers is in this case the personality life symbol.)

The Tarot life card and zodiac signs

It is possible that your life card equals the Zodiac sign, under which you were born, In that case you are using the your life card's potential to the maximum.

The Emperor - Aries
The Pope - Taurus
The Lovers - Gemini
The Chariot - Cancer
Settlement/Justice - Libra
The Hermit - Virgo
Lust/Strength - Leo
Death/Rebirth - Scorpio
Art/Temperance - Sagittarius
The Devil - Capricorn
The Star - Aquarius
The Moon - Pisces
Judgement - Leo

Tarot Life Cards

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