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Major Arcana

Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

The Fool

The Fool Tarot card

The reading:

State of courage, actions filled with strength and joy, determination to carry out inner integrity, creating equivalent relationships. If you feel drawn towards this card, it means, that you have the ability to create new things from the position of courage, strength and intuition. You act from the deepest essence of your self and come out fearless, just as you are. Spiritual energy is flowing through you. Use it.

The Magician

The Magician Tarot card

The reading:

The feel for the right timing, the ability to adjust to different styles of communication, the need for emotional space, humour and the ability to create a joyful atmosphere. If you are drawn towards this card, it means that your communication skills are at a very high level. Succumb to your inner inspiration and don't be afraid to speak when you feel the need. You will certainly choose the right time under the Magician's rule and your thoughts will be clearly set out. It is also the right time for having a serious talk. Thanks to the Magician, unmanageable situations become a pleasant social gathering.

The High Priestess

The High Priestess Tarot card

The reading:

Balance, intuition, appearance, independence and getting to know yourself. Everything you need you get from the sources in your soul without limiting yourself or others. Great independence. If you feel drawn towards this card, it means, that you are in the state of harmony and independence. Enjoy the feeling of satisfaction and self-confidence. Your perception penetrates deep under the surface of things and you fully trust everything your inner and outer vision mediates.

The Empress

The Empress Tarot card

The reading:

Deep love for nature, the ability to be a good mother, strong need to help others, perfect balance in emotional and mental behaviour, strong ability to lead, inspire and motivate others. If you feel drawn towards this card, it means that you have the ability to provide love, as well as to accept it. This symbol wakes up your ability to love naturally. Feel balanced and satisfied. If you meet a woman who has an important place in your life and you have some unfinished business with her, try and solve the problems. This time is also suitable for solving long-term emotional relationships.

The Emperor

The Emperor Tarot card

The reading:

Builds strong foundations and influences the next generations. Strong father figure, great desire for travelling, adventure and change, great leadership skills. If you are drawn towards this card, it means, that you feel independent spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. You are ready to vindicate your lifestyle, career and the way you lead your personal life. Travel, if you can. Beware of people born under the sign of Aries. Stand up for yourself and go ahead with new opportunities.

The Pope

The Pope Tarot card

The reading:

The ability to clearly mediate information and to inspire others. You are drawn towards family and cooperation. Teaching yourself as well as others is your aim. You attempt to transform ideas in order for them to bring tangible benefits. If this card attracts you, it means that you are trying to develop your leadership skills. So go for it. Make a leadership decision. Your intuition is at a very good level. You can give lessons and also accept them. If you have any difficult relationship with a person born under the sign of Taurus, try to understand what the problem is. Listen to your inner voice and let it direct you.

The Lovers

The Lovers Tarot card

The reading:

The talent to work with people of any ages. Deep understanding of opposites and the ability to connect them. The ability to think on several levels. A skill for team work. If you feel drawn towards this card, it means that you have very good communication skills. You may have to combine two or more opposites or decide on one of them. Don't allow yourself to be limited in your relationship. There may be a few sparks in our marriage or friendship. Decisions relating to children or older people may await you. As this card has the energy of Gemini, these decisions may relate to people born under the sign of Gemini.

The Chariot

The Chariot Tarot card

The reading:

A talent to put thoughts across, set projects in motion and start a new life experience. Ability to get people and situations moving. A talent to work on several tasks at the same time. The need for a home base. If you feel drawn towards this card, it means that you are thinking about changes related to family, home or people born under the sign of Cancer. Maybe you would like to bring balance between being active and having a rest. It is the right time to make a decision about an important journey. Maybe you are solving some family issues or planning to change your job. If you decide not to go ahead then at least move things around at home or try to act differently at work. The first one could make you happier, the second one could bring a promotion.


Justice Tarot card

The reading:

Great need for simplicity, clarity, justice and balance. The ability to make fair decisions. A talent for writing. A reluctance to embrace anything that is too complicated. If you are drawn towards this card, it means that you should start thinking about the restoration of balance, harmony and order in certain areas of your life. Create order in terms of health, finances and legal issues. Fate is on your side also in the case of a presentation of your projects or an application for a grant or a contribution. This card points out that you should bring order into your life and dispose of useless things.

The Hermit

The Hermit Tarot card

The reading:

Can't abandon or betray his inner values. The need to be in relationships that have deep meaning. Prefers solitude to anything worldly and artificial. Inherent wisdom and the ability to show others the way, strong organisational skills. If you are drawn towards this card, it means that you have some unfinished issues from the past. You should sort them out and fill your life with order and harmony. You can start something new, especially if you have a person born under the sign of Virgo by your side. If there is nothing you find deep meaning in, you choose solitude.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune Tarot card

The reading:

Determination to change life for the better. Unusual opportunities in the field of finance and creativity. The ability to see situations, projects and people from a historical point of view. Desire for a breakthrough and self-fulfilment. A talent to create wealth on all levels of consciousness. If you are drawn towards this card, it means that you are ready to be positive. You will open up to unexpected creative and financial possibilities. Remember that your rigid opinions, long customs and obstinacy to cling to old-fashioned values would bring a shortage instead of wealth.

Strength (Lust)

Strength (Lust) Tarot card

The reading:

Feeling excited and happy about life and showing it. Creativity comes out on many levels, as well as the desire to find out more about life. Trying to fully express you creative potential. Ability to express yourself openly without defensive roles, masks or justification. Inner strength to overcome your daemons. A talent for perception, vision, appearance and intuition. If you are drawn towards this card, it means that you can be confident in your skills. Your creative energy can come out in full. People born under the sign of Leo can be your mirror.

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man Tarot card

The reading:

You are ready to make a breakthrough in terms of old fashioned views, ideas and persuasion. Willingness to turn your life and also yourself upside down to gain new perspective in viewing routine behaviour patterns. Ability to give up, accept resignedly and open up to the unknown. Deep desire for a change. If you are drawn towards this card, it means that you may feel determined to get rid of everything that ties you up and restricts you inside. You may be able to understand some context that didn't make sense before. Surrender to fate, go past the borders of your ego and start believing in life again.


Death Tarot card

The reading:

Surrendering to a change and transformation. A talent for overcoming everything that limits progress and what stands in its way. Desire to be yourself. Desire to leave behind everything that imprisons and step forward towards growth and expansion. If you are drawn towards this card, it means that you are going through a deep personal change. Try to do something differently. Make space for sensed miracles and talents, hidden deep inside your soul until now. If you are close to a person born under the sign of Scorpio, try to look at your relationship from a different view.


Temperance Tarot card

The reading:

Ability to reach inner balance and integrity by using creative process or manual work. Powerful and clear mediation of your creative abilities to people around you. Talent of bringing masculine and feminine principle into balance. The highest form of art is relationship nurturing. If you are drawn towards this card, it means that you can take advantage of two or more of your talents at the same time. They could lead you to something significant. Maybe you'll try to harmoniously merge some contrasts in your personal or professional life. You'll start working on one of your visions or dreams. The success will only depend on your willpower and determination. Support can be found in people born under the sign of Sagittarius.

The Devil

The Devil Tarot card

The reading:

Determination to see things in the outer world as they are and react accordingly. Ability to not succumb to judgement and opinions of others about you. Unusual sensuality and attractiveness. Sense of humour together with the ability to laugh at yourself. Strong potential for personal energy, which allows not only to work hard but also to properly enjoy yourself. If you are drawn towards this card, it means that you can stand up to all your problems with humour and ease. If you meet a person born under the sign of Capricorn, you might be able to solve an old issue. Don't get aggravated. You are full of charm and humour. You may start being attracted to creative people or some creative projects. Fate is on your side. Follow your dreams with confidence in yourself.

The Tower

The Tower Tarot card

The reading:

Strongly developed talent to cure. Unusual skills of fast inner regeneration and revival. Constant need to get rid of everything unnatural, artificial, false. Talent of giving structure to thoughts, ability to immediately recognise what is viable and what isn't. Strongly developed analytical thinking. If you are drawn towards this card, it means that you are making an effort to reorganise some parts of your life. In case you want to go through a healing process, start with the correct lifestyle and sport. At least go for a walk. While doing that, you can think about what to simplify in your life. Maybe you'll finally realise who you are and what's important in your life.

The Star

The Star Tarot card

The reading:

Awareness of your own values. Ability to appreciate others, which draws recognition from the people around you. Symbol of achieved fame and recognition. Unusual creativity behaviour. Intuitive perception and integrity. Highly developed ability to foresee. If you are drawn towards this card, it means that you are filled with feelings of self-confidence and self-respect. Start implementing your original thoughts. Don't let anyone break you. Your self-respect level can rise so much that you will be able to help others in gaining their own self-respect. If you are spontaneous, your inner positive radiation will show.

The Luna (The Moon)

The Luna (The Moon) Tarot card

The reading:

Talent to transform problematic situations into positive ones. Determination to work through difficult situations and relationships. A romantic person, who doesn't wish to be deceived and cheated by themselves or others. Strong personal magnetism. Frequently forced to make a choice between two options. If you feel drawn towards this card, it means that you are prepared to be yourself. Ahead may be waiting a decision, which will make you face your old illusions. This may strengthen your determination to be yourself. Trust people born under the sign of Pisces. It could motivate you to clarify your desires and needs in relationships.

The Sun

The Sun Tarot card

The reading:

Unusually developed ability to work in a team. Each cooperation gives the option to show the strength of your talent. You are radiating a massive amount of energy. The ability have an effect on others and influence them. If you are drawn towards this card, it means that you could be feeling pure innocence and curiosity. Awaken the pure soul of a child inside you. This mood can penetrate into your personal as well as professional life. You can then create things and motivate others. Your possibility of contributing within a team and joint effort is massive.


Judgement Tarot card

The reading:

Ability to instantly detect any context. The understanding of whatever can be improved. Talent to motivate and inspire others. Well developed common sense and excellent judgement. Determination to overcome discrimination, assessment and criticism. Talent to manage career and family with ease. Ability to instantly define what your intuition is telling you. If you are drawn towards this card, it means that you'll cope with everything at work as well as within the family with ease. Try to use your increased perception and find a new interest. But be careful, watch everything around you carefully and objectively, never criticize or judge anyone.

The World (Universe)

The World (Universe) Tarot card

The reading:

Great talent to close everything old while, in turn, starting something new. Ability to bring a change into traditional and firmly built structures. Determination to grow and develop. Love for travelling. Ability to overcome any restrictions and obstacles. If you are drawn towards this card, it means that within the outer world you will behave with ease and comfort. It might be time to get ready for an unusual journey of discovery. This symbol suggests that your contribution and talent is needed where there is lack of understanding.

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