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Yes or No questions during a Tarot Reading

How to ask during a tarot reading? It is very important but often neglected issue. Many people tend to use basic and most simple “Yes or No” questions. But is it a good way to obtain valuable answers from the reading? I think no! Just because tarot cards are not able to unveil the future in this simplified way.

There are no“Yes or No” inscriptions on tarot cards. On the contrary. You will find very complex pictures on them. And each tarot picture bears a special legend and servers as an archetype or better to say as an sophisticated life pattern. So it is not very clever to expect straightforward “Yes or No” answers during your tarot reading. Rather you should focus on more general style of asking and be prepared also to take part of the initiative. Tarot reading is not pure fortune telling, but it is a certain style of finding the best possible future scenario. Tarot cards are rather an unusual tool for your present situation analysis, than a mean of real divination.

It is therefore very important to concentrate before your online tarot reading and prepare a set of correct and meaningful questions. Without them your reading will turn into a useless wandering through the desert. I will show you some bad examples first. Then I hope you will understand more easily the proper strength of tarot and the right way of asking during the reading.

Free and Online Tarot Reading

I started my free tarot reading online application a few years ago. Since than I have got a lot of feedback. Very helpful resource are also the questions from anonymous users, which were stored and evaluated during one period (what a visitor asks at the beginning of the online tarot reading - but these questions are no longer requested in my online tarot reading, now there is a new simplified version of this online application). Interesting is, that most of them are not very well formulated and a lot of them expect the awkward “Yes or No” answer. Some examples:

Real Questions?

You see, that it is not possible to answer these question with yes or no, nor with any other reply, simply because these are not real questions. Unfortunately, what people enter into the question column in most cases, is a topic of interest, not a valuable and exact question. I can only guess, if it is due their laziness (to spare few clicks) or if people in general expect that tarot cards will “talk” to them in some direct intuitive way.

See another set of frequent examples from my free tarot reading application:

Yes or No

Now is clear, that the second most common thing are "Yes or No" questions. But I honestly believe, that better way in this case is tossing a coin than do the regular tarot reading. I explained at the beginning, that tarot reading serves better as some unconventional analytical tool than as an decision-making instrument.

There is actually a whole scientific experiment run by the University of Chicago focused on the issue, how you can decide, when you want to obtain pure yes or no answer. Look on FreakonomicsExperiments.com Heads Or Tails? It is up to you!

To make it more funny and challenging I made a small test. I have happy marriage and two children with my wife. So I tried the provocative question “should I divorce?” and than the “best two out of three” selection (three coin tosses). Fortunately, the answer was “NO”!

And now being serious – I think, there are situations in life, when you face a major decision and you are not able to decide yes or no. Steven Levitt from the University of Chicago recommends one important thing for your decision-making: “Think about the worst possible scenario.” So, if the issue is for example “Should I break up with my boyfriend”, you have to think first how much regret you will have, if you say YES and how much regret you will have, if you say NO. In other words, if you are really in doubts, although you have considered the issue from every angle, you should follow the decision, which is accompanied by the least regret. And if you still feel undecided, you can use the coin!

Do not be ashamed, that somebody will decide for you. Even if you are convinced, that there is no changeless destiny and that you are the only one, who controls your life, you can leave the "yes / no" decision to the chance from time to time.

Correct Tarot Reading Questions

Finally, how to ask during your tarot reading correctly? Whether it troubles you, if you will get a tattoo or if you will go on a diet, please do not ask questions pointing to simple YES or simple NO. You have to think over your active approach. The question and the answer has to encourage your imagination and analytical thinking.

Do not expect a major revelation from the tarot reading. If you will carry your free online tarot reading, you have to relay on your experience as well as on your fantasy. Look on the chosen tarot card and think about the inspiration and thoughts, that it arouse in you. For example:

Question: “How is my emotional life going?”
Card draw: The Wheel of Fortune
The reading: “I feel trapped in a vicious circle. I am not able to free me from this strange carousel of events. I am always excited first, but disappointed at the end. It would be good to overcome my own shadow, get rid of stereotypes and start thinking about my relationship otherwise.”

It is obvious, that it would be unreasonable to look for an YES / NO answer in this case (Q: “Is my emotional life going well?”). Neither YES nor NO would satisfy your desire to find some solution. When you ask a question during the tarot reading, you probably want to move from point A to B in your life. And your motivation to do things need also some fruitful explanation, not only bare and resolute statement like yes or no. See another example:

Question: “What is my wish at the moment?”
Card draw: The Star
The reading: “I want to excel and find my place in the night sky. The proper constellation is a metaphor for your right place in our society. It is a challenge and a difficult task to maintain good relations with others and to feel happy and satisfied at the same time. Nudity depicted on the tarot card reminds me on the clear and vital sincerity (two water jugs). Every true star does not need luxury and wealth for its glow. The genuine energy always comes from within (my soul) and not from the surface (assets).“

I hope, that this is enough for you to see, how you can conduct your online tarot reading without asking unnecessary yes and no questions. Feel free to experiment and do not forget, that only practice makes perfect. Good luck with your free tarot reading!

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