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Tarot card meaning

The Star

Tarot card - The Star

Key terms:

purification, harvest, nudity, harmony
(vulnerability, selfishness)

Card meaning:

The Star shows a young naked girl with the whole sky shining above her. She holds two ewers in her hands, from which water flows into the river and also on the ground. The Star is a card of harvest and regeneration. It seems as if the life-giving water sprang directly from these ewers. Thanks to it the whole landscape is green and the water in the river rises.

Nudity shown by this card disguises the process of purification. Harmony with nature reminds us of the true human nature. It recalls that we come into the world completely naked. And deep under all disguises, titles and social status, our soul always remains naked.

The Star is an inspiration to immerse yourself into your own soul and to search fertile sources. They provide energy to our daily endeavors. Sincerity of our goals is expressed in the nudity of the Star. Deceitful acting will be easily exhausted unless the goal is quickly reached. While sincere efforts are often eternal, because it feeds on the inner source of pleasure and the sense of belonging.

Imagine, for example, that you have to nod approvingly all day to your supervisor, with whom you disagree and whom you find personally unpleasant. If you do not reach the promotion soon, surely you will dislike this situation after a short time. Or likewise, if you choose your partner only for money and his property, you will run out of patience with him soon. While if you share your life with someone you truly love, you will not be discouraged by his whims, illness or aging. Also at work, it is easy to spend overtime hours regardless of the money, if you do this with inner confidence. This is because you are convinced about its good purpose and because you enjoy this kind of work.

Try to purify your mind from everything that is not sincere and therefore burdens you. The Star will help you. Concentrate on your mission. Everyday care and your solicitude are like watering the garden of your life with bottomless ewers.

Surprisingly, to be the Star does not only mean to excel among others, but also to find your own place in the proper constellation. If you look at the sky in the city, you will see only a couple of the brightest stars. However, if you get out into the countryside, you will see countless amount of them. If you forget everyone else, you risk to be blinded by selfishness. Everybody is a Star, even if not the brightest in the sky. This card therefore appeals to you to find your proper place in the sky (and between the people on the earth). You will shine enough among others, while remaining a part of the whole – of the constellation.

Through sincerity and honesty you may get at least closer to the paradise on earth, where nudity was a common part of life of a pure human soul. Anyone, who decides to expose his own heart without pretending, becomes vulnerable, because he reveals everything from his nature. However, he can be rewarded with a sense of harmony with his own belief, which brings peace and quiet into his life.

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