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Daily Tarot Reading

Daily Tarot Reading - Body, Mind, Energy

The Card of the Day (Free and On-line)

Get your daily Tarot reading on-line and free, using one, two or three Tarot cards. For the "daily Tarot card" reading on this website, we use all Tarot cards (each set contains 78 Tarot cards - the Minor Arcana, therefore 56 cards, where instead of the hearts, spades, clubs and diamond suits we employ swords, pentacles, cups and wands, and also the Major Arcana, 22 cards, based on strong symbolic pictures, which together form a coherent story).

Daily reading

A regular daily Tarot reading is primarily the mirror of your current state. It will suggest in what mood your body, mind and energy are today, Thanks to the cards you will easily find out what direction to take today and what to avoid. Thus explore your current options:

  1. Body - what activities are fatally attracting you today? What are the cards recommending for your body? How will you be affected by the environment you are going to be in today? Should you be more active (travel more, etc.) or will it be better to rest where you are? How will the relationships between you and your close ones evolve? Will you keep "having a go" at others or will contact with them become a pleasant situation. Will the cards predict a boring day or can you be looking forward to a surprise? Can you expect a present or are you at risk of an accident? …
  2. Mind - what form do your mental skills take at the moment? Will you be able to deal with stressful situations with grace? Are the cards predicting more of a good mood or a bad mood during the day? Will you come up with creative ideas? Tarot cards will suggest how easily you will be able to make decisions and what direction your thoughts will take. Will you experience a day full of intensive concentration, relaxed contemplation or more of a competitive atmosphere? …
  3. Energy (soul and the universe) - how to take on today? (This card is focused more philosophically than the previous ones). Is the fate, or the whole universe, on your side today? Will you have plenty of energy or will tiredness and exhaustion take over during the day? Is it better to avoid important steps and decisions or are the cards promising luck and the strength required? Will your day be accompanied by sunshine (success) or will it be cloudy (frustration)? What will be the best day to improve your talents? What major thing should you focus on during the day? How freely can you behave? …

The Tarot reading of all three cards at the same time will best suggest, whether all three pillars of your soul are in harmony, or where there are hidden risks, and which direction is best to take to feel happy and content at the end of the day.

Positive symbols represent talents. Problematic symbols represent trials. The cards will indicate creative options that are waiting for you (think about how you can use your abilities and talents to solve tasks and expected problems) and will point out possible challenges and trials occurring during the day. If you are focused and sense approaching traps as well as opportunities created by the universe, you will find it easier to use your own abilities for intellectual growth and overcoming obstacles.

Even one Tarot card is enough

To read three Tarot cards every day can be time-consuming and spiritually challenging, and for some it could be exhausting. It is therefore possible to select only one Tarot card (or two) - according to your willpower and current mood It is up to you, whether you want to work with an overall image of opportunities or whether you only want to focus on one or another area that interests you. Some people suffer from gloomy and nostalgic thoughts, others from critical relationships, unpleasant surroundings, lack of energy, etc. In this case, or if you are a complete beginner in Tarot reading, definitely choose only the card that interests you today. Other card positions don't have to bother you in this case. The Tarot reading doesn't represent any dogma, but is primarily a creative journey, in which you lead a dialogue with your own soul.

Use your own cards

If possible, we always recommend to use your own pack of Tarot cards. The on-line reading on this website is free, but if you buy your own cards and work with them every day, you will build a close relationship with them (an important bond), which is difficult to substitute for in the world of internet. They will be truly "Your cards" and after months or years of use you will be able to trace the prints of your own life story. These Tarot cards could provide you with even better advice in times of important decisions.

How to read them

Shuffle the cards (for online reading the cards are shuffled by the computer) and concentrate on what you should do to enjoy this day. Ask the Tarot cards for advice or instructions If you are not reading the cards until the evening, then concentrate on the cards telling you what you have learned during that day or what influenced your life in a significant way, even though you maybe didn't consider it important.

Pick your card (start picking cards from the back):

Experiment with the online "daily card" reading as much as you like - even better if you use real cards. Start each day with a free reading. Improve your own creativity and be ready for what is awaiting you.

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