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Tarot – Basic Beginner Advices

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Beginner's Guide

1. Tarot Cards Shuffling

Welcome to my tarot beginner's guide. You will find, that tarot reading can be simple and that almost everyone can benefit from its creative potential. The way from beginner to the master is long, but even small steps can have great positive impact on your life.

If you are impatient, you can start with my Free Online Tarot Reading right now by clicking the cards bellow. If you want to know the most basic advices for tarot reading beginners, please continue reading this guide.

What You Should Know Before Your First Online Reading?

There are few basic things which should every tarot beginner know:

Three Steps For Successful Online Tarot Reading

Now, every beginner can follow this short guide for the first successful online reading:

1. Tarot Cards Shuffling

If you start the online tarot reading, you do not have to worry about shuffling the cards. The computer shuffles the tarot cards instead of you. It is easy, but to be sincere, you will be missing a piece of genuine experience. To hold real tarot cards in your hands is always better and it can be sometimes important. From time to time a card can drop during the shuffling and you should not regard such incident as a pure coincidence. On the contrary, the card that dropped is always important and need to be perceived as some hint or suggestion to the later reading. However, free online tarot reading is most simple and is usually used as an entry level for further personal tarot readings. Therefore you are spared all the problems with cards shuffling in online tarot reading.

2. Accurate Tarot Reading / Questions

The accuracy of your reading depends in the first place on how you ask a question. Try to avoid “Yes or No” questions. It seems that this type of questions will provide the most accurate answer. Unfortunately, tarot cards are not able to unveil the future in such simplified way. You should rather focus on more general style of asking. The purpose of tarot reading is not direct fortune telling. It is better and more useful to consider tarot reading as a tool, which can help to find the best possible future scenario. If you expect to get accurate answers, you have to prepare suitable questions. Instead of “Can I save my relationship?” ask “What is the best way to save my relationship?”
Instead of “Will I stay alone forever?” ask “What can I do to find true love?” and so on. Try to be active in your approach. If you want to know more about accurate answers, read more about how to ask during a tarot reding.

3. Tarot Spreads

There are several options, how to perform online tarot reading. I personally recommend the 1 card reading for every beginner. The major issue with more complex readings is, how you name the card positions. Lets take the three card reading as an example. The most intuitive way is to consider this three cards simply as past – present – future. Other frequently used sequence for three tarot cards is reasons – actual situation – prospects. But you can see that this kind of reading is not very far away from the original previous past – present – future scheme.

Another really different scheme with three cards is hope – adversity – bridge. This means follows:

I think that this type of three card reading gives you the best opportunity to explore all future scenarios, but without using the straight future card position. Therefore I use it in more complex readings as the primary option. Here you can try my 3 cards reading.

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