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Psychic Readings – Questions / How to ask?

Questions to ask during your psychic reading

»   Passive (yes / no) questions

There is a basic difference between active and passive questions. A lot of people prefer passive questions during the psychic reading, because they expect simple answers – a pure fortune-telling. It is the easiest way, but the worst one. Sample questions:

The problem is that such questions expect a very easy YES / NO answer. There is no space for your development and for your free will in this answer. And because the future is not written in a stone, you cannot obtain such simplified answers during the psychic reading.

»   Reassurance / Doubt questions

Many people seek the help of a psychic reader only for their own reassurance. They have already made a particular decision and now they want to support it with another opinion. Another possibility is that people simply doubt their own decision making. Sample questions:

This kind of questions indicates undecided or resigned attitude. The psychic reader cannot make any decisions for you and thus cannot give you direct answer like: “Of course you should!” However, such questions at least allow the reader to talk about the consequences of your actions. He can say for example:“Yes, you can leave your job. And do you know, what will your next step be? Do you have other job offers? How long can you afford to look for a new job before you run out of money?” The psychic reader will look for the best future development with the help of tarot cards, astrology or other suitable means. However, the reader should also help you with basic analysis of your situation as any other common adviser would do. You should often  rephrase your questions. Instead of “Should I leave my job?” ask “Why am I not satisfied with my work?”. Instead of “Should I get divorced?” ask “Why is my marriage in trouble?”.

»   When / Where / Who questions

Questions beginning with “When, Where, Who” are often too restrictive. When you ask such question, you probably would like to know precise information from the psychic reader. Sample questions:

When and Where questions can push the reader into the corner. When you ask such questions, you would like to know precise time and place of some event (meeting your love, finding a job). Nevertheless, if you believe in free will, you should beware of such questions. The future is not fixed – it is not a movie, which you could play forward and backward. The psychic readers can often see some scenarios, not only“The Future”. Think this over: If the reader tells you “You will meet your love on a train” will you stop riding your car? Of course not. It is clear you cannot meet anyone in your car, because it is your private property (as long as you are not a taxi driver). If it was that easy, the psychic reader would tell you: “You will meet your love on a train from Chicago to Milwaukee tomorrow at 5PM .” This kind of fortunetelling can be funny on a country fair, but would be very questionable as an output of a serious reading.

Please note, that When questions are the most restrictive ones from this chapter. If you ask When, you would like to know the precise time-point. Whereas if you ask Where or Who, you would like to know some place or a name, which are not limited in time and you can visit or meet them often repeatedly.

However, there are also legitimate questions beginning with Where or Who. For example it is reasonable to ask questions such as “Where should I look for a new job?” or “Who will make me happy?” To answer these, the psychic reader has to rephrase your questions.In the first case, you can explore your options (“What kind of work am I best suited for?”) and compare chances to find a  new job on the Internet or through an employment agency. The second question has no direct answer, but allows the psychic reader to talk about your relationship prospects (“What kind of person is best for me?”, “What kind of person do I attract?”, “How can I improve my future relationship?” and so on).

»   What / How questions

Asking“What” or “How” makes your active approach stronger. With these questions you can often identify your problems more easily. Sample questions:

To answer these questions the reader has to focus on the core of your problems. You will look for suitable means to make your life better. Always keep in mind that you are the essential figure. You cannot change the behavior of others easily (if yes, than only temporarily or to a certain extent). For example, if your mate smokes, you can persuade him to stop under certain circumstances (basically almost every smoker would like to stop and it is only the question of will and social pressure). But imagine that your mate sweats much. You can learn to ignore, respect or love this unpleasant feature – though you can hardly change his body on this basic level. Almost every solution is in your hands. You can change your behavior or the perception of the behavior of the others.

»   Topics for questions

To prepare your questions for psychic reading you can sort your thoughts into basic areas. These are:

It is better to have your questions organized than to improvise. Do not overestimate your plan. Three questions are often enough for the first psychic reading session, because one question always creates an entire amount of others. So be ready and enjoy the reading. If you get deeper insight about your current situation, you will easily make your life better.

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