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Tarot card meaning

The Lovers

Tarot card - The Lovers

Key terms:

love, relationship, passion, emotion
(hardship, temptation)

Card meaning:

The Lovers show an angel of love who is pointing his arrow down to the ground among ordinary people, where he tries to awaken their mutual passion and emotions. This card has no central figure, because human relationships are often very complicated. This card is also ambiguous, and therefore it depends on you, how you interpret it.

The figure on the left can be a priest blessing the bond of young lovers. It can also be a husband, who caught his unfaithful wife with another man. Or it can be a pimp offering services of the woman on the right side. Finally, it does not have to be a male figure but an ugly wealthy woman and her man (in the middle) hesitates, whether wealth and comfort are more important to him than love and sincerity. Imagination has no limits and the true nature of this card is in your hands.

The card carries the message that love takes many forms. Life without loving someone or at least something lacks the charm and depth. Surely you can live without love, but it is like cooking the lunch without spices. If you select the wrong spices, choose wrong amount or completely forget it, neither you nor anyone else will enjoy the meal.

Falling in love is often only a blind passion for someone else, a simple burst. Therefore beware of arrows of Eros, which can quickly awake enthusiasm in you. If you are serious about any relationship, imagine how the person, who bewitched you, will look next year or in thirty years. Will you like him or her even with two heavy shopping bags? What will you do, if he or she wants to watch TV series, which you despise? Will you love him even with false teeth? And finally, can you imagine him or her as a parent of your children?

Sooner or later those pink glasses disappear, but true love is the art of cultivating a long-term relationship. It is up to you, whether you have enough strength and appetite to nourish the fire of love that warms up your life. A long-term relationship requires a lot of sacrifices and compromises, because sharing yourself with anyone else is always very challenging.

Only when you are really thirsty, then you realize how good pure water can be. And similarly, only in isolation or emotional distress you can appreciate a deep and strong relationship as a worthy value. A long-term relationship is always accompanied by temptation and need for forgiveness. The inclination to sin is inborn to human kind. Therefore sinful thoughts are not bad but natural. They are a matter of the internal struggle within each one of us. However, to want to sin deliberately and consciously is really bad.

The Lovers encourage reflection over the emotional life. Are you doing, what you really love? Do you surround yourself with people, whom you can trust completely and who are honest to you? There is always space for evaluation. Do not be carried away just by emotions. And be grateful every day for the possibility to share your life with someone close.

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