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Tarot card meaning

The Fool

Tarot card - The Fool

Key terms:

intuition, courage, modesty, sincerity
(confusion, stupidity)

Card meaning:

The Fool is a hairy beggar, which is leaving the comfortable life and embarks on a journey into the unknown. He only carries a little with him. He does not desire prosperity and wealth and you should beware of these desires, too. The Fool encourages modesty. True values for him are the immediate experience and knowledge from his journeys. And they do not always have to be long or new journeys.

The Fool can help you get rid of old patterns of life or prejudices. Try to look at the world impartially as the Fool and to discover new and unnoticed details. You can plant a new flower, flip through a book which has caught your attention in a bookstore shop-window, or you can pick up a new sort of tea and enjoy it in an unusual place. Or just stop in the middle of a street, stare at the clouds and look for today's inspiration.

The Fool is an optimist and you should be optimistic also. Do not be shy and express yourself without fear. Act as you really feel – as you truly want to act. Do you want to buy a lottery ticket? Try it, you might get lucky, even if you do not win anything. Do you want tickle your beloved one on the neck? Do not hesitate, the sense of humor is essential for life. Are you thinking about publishing your CV on the Internet to look for a new job? It is for free and you can at least test, how many offers would come into your mailbox. As optimists be courageous, honest and active. The people around you will certainly appreciate it.

The intuition, which guides the Fool, is a source of immense determination and great deeds. So listen carefully to all the impulses coming from your heart. The Fool card can arouse strong emotions in you accompanied with the desire to indulge them. Maybe you will set off courageously to meet remarkable adventures, a love affair, or you will just close your eyes for few minutes and let out your own imagination.

Every emotion needs its counterpart as well, which is the common sense. Always be careful that the Fool will not take over yourself completely and that you retain the good judgment. The way of crazy and uncontrolled ideas could lead to a confused mind. Such dangerous acting can ruin your marriage, career or friendship. To replace the real cigarettes in the pocket of your boss for bubble-gum cigarettes may at the end seem funny to you alone. And if you wanted to spread love by hugging passers-by in the public without any warning, you can meet with misunderstanding if nothing worse.

The Fool does not have to dwell indispensably in yourself. You can encounter him in your surrounding. Therefore be attentive and watch who behaves in any unusual way or who has original ideas. The Fool can lend you originality, bliss, fresh ideas and sensitive worldview. You should use this gift properly.

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