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Tarot card meaning

The Empress

Tarot card - The Empress

Key terms:

understanding, care, trust, creativity
(disappointment, grief)

Card meaning:

The Empress is a mother full of understanding and tenderness. She has earned the respectable throne thanks to her noble deeds to rule wherever her care is needed.

As every mother, the Empress strongly feels her emotions which she gives and accepts. She prefers community to individuality. Warm relationships and spiritual closeness are the basis of her existence. She can therefore be seen as a caretaker, who can listen, nurture and soothe pain. Her strength is reflected not only in the motherhood, but also in many other activities. Everywhere, where a sensitive approach and bonds are required.

The Empress is guarding the atmosphere of safety and trust. Her home is essential to her and represents a place of peace, where she can always return to and where she finds herself secure. She can empathize with others and gives understanding and reassurance.

Her feminine principle can accompany you if you experience a period of uncertainty and unrest. For example if you are awaiting blood test results or an important letter, try to consider who of your friends can provide the necessary comfort to you. And vice versa – ask yourself whether there is anyone between your beloved ones, someone whom you wrongly neglect, or someone who would appreciate your help but might hesitate to approach you. A plain friendly talk is in many cases sufficient as the treatment of a pain.

With the Empress you can realize how important it is not to forget the creative principle in our everyday life. If you want to grow flowers, you can pick up a guide and choose the appropriate variety, combination and treatment approach. All according to the instructions. But the Empress would rather listen to her heart and chose a flower which she instantly likes. She would carefully watch whether the flower needs more or less water. And she would certainly search for the place where the flower grows and looks the best at the same time.

Friendship ties are an important part of life. The Empress can well distinguish the superficial and volatile ones from the deep and permanent ones. A true friend is always recognized only in an emergency. Think about how many friends would selflessly help you with moving to new apartment. Or who would withdraw his scheduled program only because you feel miserable today and need some company. This way you will distinguish true friends from ordinary people you only regularly meet.

The Empress wants to be a real support for her friends, because she is looking for the same support as well from time to time. She is therefore vulnerable and cannot avoid the sorrow. Where there are expectations, there is often also disappointment. This is however only temporary. With confidence and understanding, the Empress is always surrounded by those who do not only accept but also give the helping hand.

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