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Tarot card meaning

The Devil

Tarot card - The Devil

Key terms:

chaos, creativity, pleasure, fantasy 
(anarchy, lie)

Card meaning:

The Devil on this card is a very peculiar character. Obviously it is no dark envoy from the hell, not such we would expect in fairy-tales. This Devil is humorous at first glance, because he has a squint and is sticking out his tongue – as if he wanted to make us laugh by his grimace. However, his second face located in the belly signifies that we should not believe this impression. The Devil is the embodiment of chaos and lie, because his body has breast and penis at the same time.

This card can be an indication of real anarchy, which can easily seize your life. Imagine, how quickly you can lose the calm and steady rhythm of life, if someone close gets sick or in case of problems at work or in a relationship.

Do not yield to fear. There are things that you cannot influence, such as unexpected illness, natural disasters or fluctuations in the stock market. On the other hand, the Devil may try to affect you directly. Think about how much you have lately been tempted to lie or cheat. Even small excuses or wrongly returned cash in the shop (money you unfairly kept in silence), these all are indications of the Devil's influence. Not to mention the real lies, theft or adultery.

Many of these things you can influence by yourself. The Devil cannot be trained or tied. On the contrary, the Devil himself binds all who surrender to his influence, as you can see on the card. It is up to you, whether you decide to resist his temptations, or whether you prefer not to expose yourself to them at all. If you do not want to get drunk, it is better not to go in a bar. Swimming at the stadium or going to the cinema can be an alternative in such case, if you want to actively deal with the devil's temptations.

The Devil holds a torch in his hand, which recalls a brush. Creativity given to him is one of the areas, where he can apply his skills to your advantage. The Devil has a rich imagination, but he mainly uses it to deceit and delusion. However, if you direct the imagination to some creative activities, you can enjoy the success of your invention. You can make a painting or start an Internet blog. Or you can make someone happy by an unusual gift or bring a new spark of originality to your love relationship. And if the fruits of your fantasies are too daring, indulge in daydreaming. Even then you might be rewarded with delight and pleasure.

The Devil lives in our shadow. And as the shadow accompanies us constantly, the temptation of the Devil is omnipresent. The main influence of the Devil is to oppose the law and order. The opposite to our conscious will and virtues which we should follow.

Whether you will encounter the Devil and his influence within yourself or in your neighborhood, you should be grateful for it. The Devil is testing us and helps us to deepen our character and self-control. Only thanks to him we recognize the humanity. Everyone who encounters him and wins, can be rightly proud of himself.

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