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Tarot card meaning

The Chariot

Tarot card - The Chariot

Key terms:

experiences, activities, travel, fantasy
(pride, fury)

Card meaning:

The Chariot represents a brave warrior, who is driven by a strong pair of horses. With a closer look you will discover, that the card motive resembles more a carnival scene, which is framed by the curtain above. Whether the man is a real mighty conqueror or just a theater actor depends on you.

In any case the horses are authentic and symbolize the powerful energy necessary to hold the reins. Only then may the force be meaningfully and effectively utilized. The Chariot therefore encourages activities, that will bring you new experience. Traveling is the most natural of them.

Thus if you have been thinking for a longer time whether to go on an adventurous journey into the high mountains or into the tropical rainforest, this card can be a good impulse for you. If you prefer modest goals, then you should know, that a train journey with a tourist guide in your hand can be also a guarantee of extraordinary experience. Nowadays, when almost everyone already owns a car, any other kind of transport is truly exotic and modest adventure is then never far away.

Experience and discovering of new horizons are not just a matter of enormous investment or long distance travel. Sometimes, you can await adventures literally around the corner. Try to recall the activities you have planned for a long time, but you have not realized them because of a lack of time or courage. Do you want to start with bowling, painting, yoga, cacti growing or baking your own bread? Never mind that you do not know anyone, who would help you in this effort. The Chariot is a sign of energy which you just need to grip with your own hands.

You can develop all the options of the Chariot card with your imagination. How to get the characteristics of a knight? As a man you need to get yourself more courage. As a woman you could nourish your belief that the fairytale prince will finally appear soon. As a man beware of pride, which can give you a false impression of perfection. And as a woman, be attentive to recognize the true prince from an ordinary actor who only pretends to be one.

Please also beware of the negative tendencies that the runaway horses can bring into your life. You might suddenly feel like cracking the whip and leaving something important in your life. Make sure that such decision, should it ever come, would not be hasty. The Chariot is a sign of controlled changes, not of mad actions.

Life is a vibrant activity, which should always be accompanied by relaxation. If you feel overworked, it might be a sign to slow down. Today's hurried time reminds us that not everyone can be carried in the carriage. Many of us are at least occasionally in the role of the horse pulling the carriage forward together with the others. Being such a pulling force is always helpful and necessary activity. However, it requires sufficient time to rest and to recharge your batteries.

Do not forget, that the Chariot just symbolizes a mean on the path of your life. The direction of your effort must be firmly in your own hands.

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