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The World

The World - Yearly Tarot Card


During this year, it will be important for you to perform in the outer world. You'll realise very quickly what needs to be done and you'll take it into your hands. You will be happy to express yourself in a creative and productive way in areas that are close to you and you'll come up with original ideas. There will be no "I should". You will feel the need to contribute to something that has deeper meaning and what your family could benefit from. In the year ruled by the symbol of The World you'll feel that travelling is absolutely indispensable to you and you'll have the urge to go somewhere. It is more than possible that the wish will become reality. It is also possible that thanks to a certain journey you'll gain motivation to develop further and build new worlds within yourself as well as on the outside. You'll understand that each feature of your personality, whether previously good or bad, deserves your love. Your inner World can be expanded mainly during the months under the sign of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio.

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