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The Tower

The Tower - Yearly Tarot Card


This is the ideal time for buying a house, flat or a piece of furniture. Also, to dust off some almost forgotten creative ideas. Maybe during this year you'll experience something that will allow you to see your true self. It will wake up the desire to work on yourselves not only within your soul but also on your body. You'll start exercising and change your eating habits. You'll want to get rid of everything false and old from your surroundings. Everything that has been stopping you from making a step forward and be yourselves, people, things or memories, you'll leave behind. You'll dispose of tiring disunity when on the outside you pretended that everything is OK and you're happy, while inside you were empty and lonely. The Tower is the ideal symbol for progress in the process of healing and regeneration, symbol of rebuilding your inner world, life style and also your home.

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