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The Emperor

The Emperor - Yearly Tarot Card


During the year under the sign of the Emperor, you might feel the need to make changes in your life. Maybe you will start travelling more or you will get into something new. You may try out what it is like to be a leader. The year under the sign of the Emperor is the best time for negotiating and reconciliation of any type. If you are close to people under the sign of Aries, it is the ideal time to strengthen mutual relationships or give them new dimensions. They can also teach you how to take a new step forward with the ease they represent. It is possible that in the month under the sign of Aries (21st March - 20th April), you will decide to work on new projects or a new opportunity may arise to take new steps where you can fully use your potential and leadership skills. You can build new foundations as a support for the future. For women with painful relationships with certain types of men, this year will offer an opportunity to understand the causes and be able to solve them.

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