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The Devil

The Devil - Yearly Tarot Card


The main task in this year will be for you to keep a humorous view on all levels of life. Your creative energy will literally boil over and you will be drawn to equally creative people and projects full of inspiration. During this year, you will also get to know your body and sensuality a bit more. You will quite possibly meet somebody who you'll be strongly drawn to and this will open new aspects of sexuality, which you've had no idea about so far. Sexuality will become fun and you'll start taking it as a possibility to express your creativity. A year under this influence presents a period for solving your issues with people born under the sign of Capricorn (22nd December - 20th January) or you'll meet interesting people born under this sign. It is also a challenge to use the month of Capricorn to face your problems with insight and wit and enjoy challenging entertainment under the sign of Capricorn's energy. Nothing can throw you from your saddle.

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