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Strength/Lust - Yearly Tarot Card


During the year of Strength and Lust, you'll face your daemons to control them. You will gain new passion for life, including sexual desire. You may become astonished by the miracle of life and feel a new zest for life. The year of Strength and Lust will help you find a never ending source of personal strength deep within and you will be more yourself than ever before. You may be drawn more towards art during this year. People born under the sign of Leo (23rd July - 22nd August) will become your important mirror, reflecting your potential for creativity. The symbol of Strength and Lust will help you gain confidence in your own strengths. You will be attracted to creative and passionate people. This symbol is also a symbol of theatre. You will be able to "play" many different roles very well. You will manage to tame your inner "beasts" and develop great confidence in your selves.

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