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Settlement/Justice - Yearly Tarot Card


The year ruled by settlement and justice is the ideal time for general cleaning. Get hold of everything in your life that lacks harmony and balance. It is good to deal with your finances and focus more on your health. The year under this symbol will help you cleanse your life from pointless things. You may come up with the idea of clearing out spaces with useless belongings. On the outside, this will reflect the need to get rid of everything useless within your soul. Clarity and order will play a key role for you during this year. You won't want to tolerate your own self-deceit any more and illusions you succumbed to until now. Spending time in nature will bring life back into your veins and that will have a healing effect on you. People born under the sign of Libra (23rd September - 23rd October) will be important mirrors and advisers to you. If you have a forgotten conflict with such a person, now is the best time to resolve it. During this year, you should pay attention to your health, lifestyle and take care of your body.

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