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Judgement - Yearly Tarot Card


This year is ideal for activities that require team cooperation and mutual effort. For your colleagues, you can choose people who are close to you or your family members. Suddenly, it will be easy to join your personal relationship with building a career. The year under the sign of Judgement may inspire you to start a family or wake up the desire to start focusing on something new. The Judgement can also help you to change your tendency to criticize and be judgemental of objective observations. It can strengthen your balance and creativity. You will consider people born under the sign of Leo (23rd July - 22nd August) as your soul mates as their creative and playful approach to all aspects of life exactly captures the way your soul is tuned. Whatever you touch, just like Leos, you'll try to use your creative energy. It is also very likely that you'll gain new opportunities through people born under the sign of Leo. It is a year, when you'll perceive everything from wider perspective, because you'll feel the need to stop assessing things just based on partial information or only from what you've heard.

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