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Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords - Tarot card meaning


represents intellectual, objective thinking

The Queen of Swords symbolises a rational, objective mind without a protective mask. Her mind is in a state of supreme serenity, free from her roles and acts as an uninvolved observer. She assesses facts without bias and forces us to remove our pretence, because only internal purity can benefit from her outcomes. The mission of the Queen of Swords is also to tear off masks. She symbolises deep and objective thinking. In the Court Card set, she is an adviser with a gift to get to the core of things and give advice based on her findings. Being wise, she has no problems with seeking advice herself when she needs it. If you want to achieve understanding or get to the real core of things, the state of mind is reflected by sober observation. The Queen of Swords represents your ability for objective, rational and profound thinking. Try and search within yourself for the purity and curiosity of your soul as you had as a child.

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