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Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles - Tarot card meaning


represents nutrition and moderate eating, creator of fertile worlds

The Queen of Pentacles symbolises the ability to build productive worlds that would satisfy her needs. New, yet undiscovered horizons open before her thanks to the fact that she brings new rules into her life. She is able to reveal, what, in terms of health, finances, profession or relationships, she is in need of. To fulfil her needs she walks on unexplored paths and in all areas of her life, she is a lonely initiator. Your inspiration could be people born under the signs of Aries or Capricorn. The Queen of Pentacles represents your innovative spirit as well as the need to take new directions in your life that would be, figuratively speaking, more productive. In any case, this symbol suggests that you are capable of bringing beauty, health and inner fulfilment into all areas of life, wherever needed.

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