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Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups - Tarot card meaning


represents emotional integrity, self-reflection

The Queen of Cups symbolises the ability of emotional integrity. She is constantly trying to consciously grip her feelings and express them with no shame, without assessing them beforehand. She doesn't hide from them, deny or suppress them. She is able to show them clearly and openly. They don't get used for attack or blackmail, nor does she apologise for them. Her preference is emotional honesty to illusion and self-deceit. Although she is still facing a decision whether to express her feelings openly or choose a more simple way of pretending to herself as well as to others. However, the Queen of Cups honours the highest regularity of all being, and therefore she is determined to express whatever she feels. That way she prevents feelings of anxiety and disunity rising from the fact that her behaviour is in contrast with what she feels inside. The Queen of Cups removes fear and shame from showing true feelings.

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