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Prince of Cups

Prince of Cups - Tarot card meaning


represents emotional desire

The Prince of Cups is a symbol of a passionate heart and the ability of emotional desire The Prince of Cups feels and expresses deep passion being preoccupied with his feelings. Passion fuels fire in our heart, which awakens life and pushes us forward. The Prince of Cups is not afraid to face his desire and live through everything that it brings, but he is also prepared to give up everything he longs for, when the time comes. The ability to devote ourselves to our desire uninhibitedly requires at the same time to be ready not to get attached to anything and continue on our journey. To reveal his desire, the Prince of Cups follows his heart and find new paths with passion that brings life back to his veins. Your life could be refreshed by people born under the signs of Scorpio or Pisces.

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