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Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords - Tarot card meaning


represents great ambition, willpower, determination, concentration, intellectual energy

The Knight of Swords symbol joins water and air, brings them together and induces a state of concentration and self-control. The mind is definitely able to concentrate on its goals using internal energy. The harmony is shown in your behaviour. This symbolism says that if we want to reach the given target, our willpower and determination must be united on all levels of consciousness, mental, emotional, spiritual as well as physical and in the end must be expressed by actions. The Knight of Swords is a symbol of perceptive and dynamic thinking, necessary for accomplishing your plans. It also suggests that you are able to concentrate all your mental energy on reaching a certain target using your willpower and enthusiasm. The Knight of Swords is also associated with the air signs Aquarius, Libra and Gemini. Such people can play a very important role in your life.

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