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Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups - Tarot card meaning


represents emotional loyalty and devotion

The Knight of Cups is a picture of loyalty, emotional generosity, devotion and unconditional love. He is the only knight that symbolises openness, trust and the courage to uncover himself and be seen naked. He therefore represents all the qualities needed for a personality to naturally express its feelings, give up all its defences and face emotions with no protective shield. Until it finds these characteristics within itself and doesn't let them come out, it will continue to succumb to the need to hide the richness of its feelings. The Knight of Cups represents the ability of emotional stability and richness, and also the unconditional love that accepts anything with no reservations. It symbolises feelings that can forgive and sympathise, which, together with a positive approach to life, has the power to heal not only our own soul, but also the souls of others.

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