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King of Swords

King of Swords - Tarot card meaning


represents practical thinking

This symbol deals with the ability to proceed with your ideas in a practical way, which brings productive results. The mission of the King of Swords is to battle against whims and moods, thus he is prepared to conquer his own souls inconsistencies. He actively tries not to succumb to the moods surrounding him that would steal his energy for carrying out his ideas in the real world in order to create something beneficial and useful. This symbol reflects the need to go ahead with our ideas, not just talk about them. The King of Swords embodies the state of consciousness when the words have merged with the idea of accomplishment. Practical thinking requires for our determination expressed by words to be put into practice by carrying out the given idea. This card points out practical thinking ability, with nothing standing in the way of its determination to reach quality and perfection.

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