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King of Cups

King of Cups - Tarot card meaning


represents emotional objectivity and detachment

The King of Cups symbol is a portrait of high spirits through the pain of cleansed feelings. It is the picture of a heart that has matured to be able to accept feelings as they are without trying to believe something else. The King of Cups represents deep loving feeling, yet with no expectations, which is independent and free from clinging and attachment. The King of Cups is the image of the reconciliation with our feelings of any form, emotional sincerity without pretending and objectiveness when assessing them. He has defeated his routine reactions filled with threat causing jealousy and the desire to own. The King of Cups has stood up to his fear of leaving those who he loves and by doing this, his fear has lost its power. His heart has matured and refused to continue to succumb to those destructive feelings.

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