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The World

The World - Monthly Tarot Card


Being drawn towards this card means that you can express yourself completely without reservation. Within the next few weeks, you may start an unusual journey. During this period,you may,with great pleasure, start expressing yourself in a creative and productive way in areas that are close to you, and come up with original ideas. You can also overcome some of your internal blocks or obstacles. This card also signifies that something ends and something new begins at the same time. Inside, you can feel the ability to bring a change to established structures, a desire to see as many worlds and people as possible. For this, it is important to actively express yourself. You can very quickly reveal what needs to be done and get on with it. Do not be influenced by remorse of the "I should" type. This way, you can get to a stage where you see your life from a different perspective, which will allow you to become more wholesome deep inside in order to fully and freely express your personality.

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