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The Devil

The Devil - Monthly Tarot Card


If you've picked this card or you feel drawn towards it, you can stand up to your problems with perspective and humour. It can also signify that you are able to solve your disagreements with other people in peace and with charm, mainly with people born under the Capricorn sign, should there be any in your surroundings. You will certainly not be taking things seriously enough for them to throw you. This period could be a test as to whether you can keep perspective at all life levels. During the next few weeks, you might be drawn towards creative people or creative projects and inspiring events. Because fate is on your side, you should follow your dreams with confidence. Don't be afraid to laugh about something that used to hurt you. Don't be afraid to laugh at yourself. Don't be afraid to view your sexuality with humour and don't take it too seriously. Inside the Devil symbol there is a strong potential for hard work as well as enjoying yourself.

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