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Tarot card meaning

The Strength

Tarot card - Wheel of Fortune

Key terms:

desire, courage, instinct, sexuality
(jealousy, anger)

Card meaning:

The Strength shows a courageous woman who can tame a wild animal at her side. She has a real passion and massive power available. Either she will be able to control these properties and use them to her advantage, or they would overcome and absorb her.

To perform many actions you can use either intelligence or force. This card indicates that the motivation for your deeds will be the immense courage and inner desire. Something natural, strong and instinctive deep within you.

The mouth of the animal is full of teeth and symbolizes the taste and courage which you can launch into any activity. The energy available to you will be directed into interpersonal relationships. There you can meet an equally instinctive counterpart.

The card Strength can be a sign to increase joint efforts between you and your colleagues at work. If your Power meets with incomprehension, it will on the contrary easily result in rivalry. Power can also bring a new sparkle to your union or partnership. The immediate enthusiasm is always a good basis to make your love relationship more spicy. It brings recovery into the bleached corners of marriage which has lasted many years. Power is a mighty source of energy which you just have to direct actively.

Power is also typical for teenage liberty. It is the time in life, when the real lust begins to have a command. Sexuality is then the incredible power and motivates people to spend immense efforts to attract any desired counterpart. Human desire is wild in this period and needs consistent leadership. Otherwise, the consequences of headless actions might be unpleasant for everyone.

Do not forget, that the Power may occur in your surrounding. Maybe this time you will become the object of longing interest. Be attentive and you might be surprised.

If you are not a "teen", but you still feel a strong desire in your bones to share your affection with someone else, be cautious. Perhaps you are still eagerly looking for the right mental or physical counterpart. But maybe you just want to prove that you still do not belong on a scrapheap.

Or worse - maybe, under the affection of anger or jealousy, you are trying to revenge on someone. Therefore avoid impulsiveness and pay attention to be sincere with genuine intentions.

The Strength supplies a real passion and depth to your behavior. The intensity of your feelings can be now noticeably different. So get ready to the strong experience. However, be cautious. Power is like fire - a good servant but a bad master.

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