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Tarot card meaning

The Justice

Tarot card - The Justice

Key terms:

prudence, consistency, reconciliation, balance
(hesitation, doubts)

Card meaning:

The Justice is a prudent and respectable guardian of stability. She is clutching a sword and scales in her hands. Scales signify, that the Justice puts emphasis on careful consideration of every action and every word. The sword is a sign of respect for order and a warning to anyone, who wants to plunge the world into chaos or injustice.

Certain principles and sense for order are inseparable from the Justice. She always makes decisions only after careful consideration and not based on intuition, instinct or momentary mood. To be able to avoid errors, she thinks about important issues in sorrow and also in joy. Only then she can determine, whether her decisions will succeed in good times as well as in bad times. And you can be inspired by her prudence.

If you eat a chocolate and then bite into a sweet apple, the apple will still appear to be sour. If you build your house next to a luxury residence equipped with a swimming pool and a golf course, you will still feel poor. But if you find yourself in the Sahara desert poorly dressed and with an ordinary bottle of water, you can finally feel rich. The Justice knows all that and therefore she looks not only to the rich, but also to the poor. None of them are any better than the others. They just often have different fates.

It is a difficult and sometimes almost impossible task to consider all the pros and cons in complex situations where the world is changing frequently from day to day. What was true on Friday is already different on Monday. Justice must be reconciled with itself and with the fact, that her success will always be accompanied by doubts and hesitation. This is simply because the world cannot stop spinning.

Balanced distribution of your energy and free-time between your family and friends is very important to satisfy the Justice. Consider for example, whether you do not spend more money, than you can afford. Everything you do has an impact not only on you, but also on your beloved ones. And your behavior should be fair in all respects.

The sword clutched by the Justice recalls the need for revenge - to give someone, what he deserves. But Justice is calm and when she decides to raise the sword, her motivation is not anger. Anger can cloud the reason and good judgment. If someone does not respond to a long letter, there is no need to write a second one. If someone promises twice some assistance to you and you never get any, it is useless to wait for it the third time. And if your favorite TV station has canceled the broadcasting, try to take it as a challenge to deal more positively with your free-time. Disappointment is appropriate in such cases, but not anger. The Justice knows, that people finally get in return, what they have given to the world themselves.

If you have a feeling that your fate is now unjust to you, the Justice can be seen as a promise for the future. It can happen, that you or someone close becomes ill or affected by an accident, even if you are not responsible for such misfortune. The Justice embodies a higher principle, which will help you to accept these difficulties with calmness, courage and balance.

Justice brings reconciliation for each soul and gives the order to the world. Therefore try to have pleasure from both.

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