1. Select the number of cards for the tarot reading.
  2. Concentrate your mind on what you are interested in or worried about.
  3. Turn the chosen cards over and think about the message.
  4. Read the comments to all cards and try to find your own interpretation and solution for your problems.

The Hermit

Key terms: aging, isolation, detachment, contemplation, loneliness, loss of strength

The Hermit is an aging wise man who lives in seclusion. He is devoted to meditation and contemplation. He is interested primarily in the past. His gaze is directed to the left, what indicates looking back in the time. If he would be turned to the other side, it would remind us of looking into the future. That's why he is wrapped in a warm coat, because it embodies the autumn of life.

He has a stick and a lantern in his hands. The lantern is a source of light and the light is a source of knowledge. The Hermit is walking back through his memories and illuminates old thoughts and memories by his lantern. They step out from the darkness. The Hermit gradually goes through his life and evaluates it. Even you can be inspired by him. Dive into your memories and think over what you have managed better and worse up to now. Close your eyes and meditate. Your conscious mind then becomes a lantern, which will brighten the dark corners of your past.

Unsteady walking requires support. The stick in the other hand of the Hermit is a symbol of old age. Years pass by quietly and there is always the need to reconcile with them. The best is to be prepared for the old age in advance.

There are two possible reasons, why the Hermit went into seclusion. He acted deliberately and left the society to gain new energy. To be in the society is often stimulating, but also exhausting. And loneliness helps to concentrate the mind and provides the ability to search for new sources in your heart. However, it is possible, that the loneliness of the Hermit results from lack of interest in his neighborhood. Was he then thrown into his solitude involuntarily? You have to find such a response, that is closer to your personal story.

Think first whether there is someone near you, whose life story resembles the Hermit's one. Someone, who would deserve and appreciate your attention, to be pulled out from his loneliness. Living on the edge of interest may be bitter and painful. Although your old age may be still far away, your forces will certainly wane over the years. And if you are lucky, you will become old one day as well.

Also try to start thinking about yourself as the Hermit would do. Are you not currently in some period, in which to withdraw into seclusion would bring you more benefit? Loneliness can bring relaxation and help you to obtain the needed detached view. It is possible to become the Hermit just for few hours a week. Get out from the carousel of obligations and professional responsibilities – take the time to meditate, relax and think.

If you evaluate that you live your life properly, it gives you pride and new strength. It will then be easier for you to continue in the current effort knowing that each of your steps really brings you a meaning and fulfillment. And if you find out that your way of life does not entirely correspond with your beliefs, you can become the humble Hermit. Perhaps only temporarily. Finding the inner peace is a matter of time and sacrifice.

The Chariot

Key terms: experiences, activities, travel, fantasy, pride, fury

The Chariot represents a brave warrior, who is driven by a strong pair of horses. With a closer look you will discover, that the card motive resembles more a carnival scene, which is framed by the curtain above. Whether the man is a real mighty conqueror or just a theater actor depends on you.

In any case the horses are authentic and symbolize the powerful energy necessary to hold the reins. Only then may the force be meaningfully and effectively utilized. The Chariot therefore encourages activities, that will bring you new experience. Traveling is the most natural of them.

Thus if you have been thinking for a longer time whether to go on an adventurous journey into the high mountains or into the tropical rainforest, this card can be a good impulse for you. If you prefer modest goals, then you should know, that a train journey with a tourist guide in your hand can be also a guarantee of extraordinary experience. Nowadays, when almost everyone already owns a car, any other kind of transport is truly exotic and modest adventure is then never far away.

Experience and discovering of new horizons are not just a matter of enormous investment or long distance travel. Sometimes, you can await adventures literally around the corner. Try to recall the activities you have planned for a long time, but you have not realized them because of a lack of time or courage. Do you want to start with bowling, painting, yoga, cacti growing or baking your own bread? Never mind that you do not know anyone, who would help you in this effort. The Chariot is a sign of energy which you just need to grip with your own hands.

You can develop all the options of the Chariot card with your imagination. How to get the characteristics of a knight? As a man you need to get yourself more courage. As a woman you could nourish your belief that the fairytale prince will finally appear soon. As a man beware of pride, which can give you a false impression of perfection. And as a woman, be attentive to recognize the true prince from an ordinary actor who only pretends to be one.

Please also beware of the negative tendencies that the runaway horses can bring into your life. You might suddenly feel like cracking the whip and leaving something important in your life. Make sure that such decision, should it ever come, would not be hasty. The Chariot is a sign of controlled changes, not of mad actions.

Life is a vibrant activity, which should always be accompanied by relaxation. If you feel overworked, it might be a sign to slow down. Today's hurried time reminds us that not everyone can be carried in the carriage. Many of us are at least occasionally in the role of the horse pulling the carriage forward together with the others. Being such a pulling force is always helpful and necessary activity. However, it requires sufficient time to rest and to recharge your batteries.

Do not forget, that the Chariot just symbolizes a mean on the path of your life. The direction of your effort must be firmly in your own hands.

The Fool

Key terms: intuition, courage, modesty, sincerity, confusion, stupidity

The Fool is a hairy beggar, which is leaving the comfortable life and embarks on a journey into the unknown. He only carries a little with him. He does not desire prosperity and wealth and you should beware of these desires, too. The Fool encourages modesty. True values for him are the immediate experience and knowledge from his journeys. And they do not always have to be long or new journeys.

The Fool can help you get rid of old patterns of life or prejudices. Try to look at the world impartially as the Fool and to discover new and unnoticed details. You can plant a new flower, flip through a book which has caught your attention in a bookstore shop-window, or you can pick up a new sort of tea and enjoy it in an unusual place. Or just stop in the middle of a street, stare at the clouds and look for today's inspiration.

The Fool is an optimist and you should be optimistic also. Do not be shy and express yourself without fear. Act as you really feel – as you truly want to act. Do you want to buy a lottery ticket? Try it, you might get lucky, even if you do not win anything. Do you want tickle your beloved one on the neck? Do not hesitate, the sense of humor is essential for life. Are you thinking about publishing your CV on the Internet to look for a new job? It is for free and you can at least test, how many offers would come into your mailbox. As optimists be courageous, honest and active. The people around you will certainly appreciate it.

The intuition, which guides the Fool, is a source of immense determination and great deeds. So listen carefully to all the impulses coming from your heart. The Fool card can arouse strong emotions in you accompanied with the desire to indulge them. Maybe you will set off courageously to meet remarkable adventures, a love affair, or you will just close your eyes for few minutes and let out your own imagination.

Every emotion needs its counterpart as well, which is the common sense. Always be careful that the Fool will not take over yourself completely and that you retain the good judgment. The way of crazy and uncontrolled ideas could lead to a confused mind. Such dangerous acting can ruin your marriage, career or friendship. To replace the real cigarettes in the pocket of your boss for bubble-gum cigarettes may at the end seem funny to you alone. And if you wanted to spread love by hugging passers-by in the public without any warning, you can meet with misunderstanding if nothing worse.

The Fool does not have to dwell indispensably in yourself. You can encounter him in your surrounding. Therefore be attentive and watch who behaves in any unusual way or who has original ideas. The Fool can lend you originality, bliss, fresh ideas and sensitive worldview. You should use this gift properly.

The World

Key terms: wisdom, completion, fulfillment, integrity, failure, loss

The World card portrays a naked woman in the middle of the festive wreath. She is holding a magic wand in the left hand and a bottle with a mysterious essence in the right. The wand is the evidence of her power and the bottle reminds the strength of her knowledge. She is surrounded by the four evangelists, who have a halo over the head. The World is the culmination of intensive efforts and reminds of the fulfillment of the long journey. The arrival of the desired goal.

The center of the card is important. It shows what really is required. Thus the woman in the middle can impersonate any of your inner goals. It may be an allied soul whom you have been awaiting and who is now opening her arms to you.

Thanks to her nudity she can be a symbol of successful discovery and solution of a problem. Her scarf suggests that she can be a muse, a thought or an idea, which has finally reached the realization.

The World can be obviously a real woman, girlfriend or wife - pointing to a happy relationship or bond. Any thoughts you might have looking at this card will certainly be important. Think about which of your strenuous efforts can now be completed and bring fulfillment to you.

You often have to be patient when waiting for a result. The completion is never faster the actual work. Thus this card warns you to avoid disappointment and failure. In an unfavorable position, this card may sign the futility of your efforts. The question in this case is, whether to blame your attempts to take actions too quickly or if somebody else is spoiling your plans.

The World does not only mean the completion and closure of some issues. It is also a new beginning. It is important to keep in mind that obtaining new knowledge is necessary and that this journey continues forever. If the card was a symbol of marriage to you, then subsequent married life is also something new. If it was a symbol of a task completion, there will surely come another new project or contract.

The World also symbolizes that the real and lasting value, which should be your goal, is the wisdom. The wreath encircling the World is a proof of integrity, which is also brought by the wisdom. A wise man understands the world in many contexts which fit together as individual leaves of the great wreath. It crowns the human life and gives a real value to it. The word Wisdom in Greek is "Sophia". The philosopher is then translated as "the one, who loves wisdom" (filein - love, Sophie - wisdom). Perhaps the woman on the card is Sophia (wisdom), who is now shown to you in all her glory. Try to love her and to learn more about her. Become a philosopher. Thanks to wisdom you will solve many unanswered questions and your life will get a resolved solid character.

The Tower

Key terms: endurance, building, resistance, materialism, vanity, selfishness

The Tower shows a high building which is engulfed in fire. The roof flew off the walls by the destructive power of the flames. The Tower is a symbol of magnificent building work, but it is ruined due to the greed or pride of its builders. The characters pictured on the card perhaps wanted to get up to the sky, just because of their pure curiosity. Or maybe they were driven by their own vanity and desire to overcome their neighbors. Their best efforts became futile and the work is destroyed.

The Tower can be perceived as material wealth which can be piled up in huge amounts. Anyone, who does so without an appropriate limit, takes the risk of an eventual break down of his Tower. The one who has no Tower, has nothing to lose. He does not have to worry it could be destroyed by fire, wind, or that his wealth will gradually decay over time. But only few people will start their journey to asceticism and give up the wealth which our world has to offer.

On the contrary, the wealth represented by the Tower is primarily an example of endurance and determination to build something spectacular. A tower cannot be built overnight. Thus this card will encourage you, if you work on a large project, for example reconstructing a flat or starting a new period of life. The Tower gives the motivation for your plans.

The Tower rises up from the distance and thus makes it clear, that someone powerful dwells in it. At the same time to those who inhabit it, it provides a rare view into the landscape. This way the Tower can serve as a good mean to rise above everyday problems and to get a real world view.

The characters falling off the tower should only be taken as a warning. The card brings the message that no facilities might survive forever. And if the building (or trying to create something in your life) is driven by profit-seeking motives only, the result is often poor and rather unstable. Therefore, if you do some work only with regard to your benefit, the result itself will certainly not be good. Such "Tower" would soon collapse.

The message of the card is clear: Build and enjoy fruits of your work. Just be careful - the Tower, which reaches beyond your capabilities or limits is likely to break down with you. Stop looking for your luck in the clouds and stand rather firmly on the ground. Just like your Tower. Think about how many people you know, who overestimated their own strength or capital and built a company or a house making huge debts, which finally tore their dream down. There is never too much contemplation, and often there is no need to rush.

And if you feel like your tower just fell down, do not despair. Thanks to this experience, you will now be able to estimate much better. The Tower can be a new base or support for everyone. And each new Tower you will metaphorically build in your life, should be stronger than the previous one. Whether it will be superior to your surrounding does not matter at all. It is important that you will be happy with it.

The Empress

Key terms: understanding, care, trust, creativity, disappointment, grief

The Empress is a mother full of understanding and tenderness. She has earned the respectable throne thanks to her noble deeds to rule wherever her care is needed.

As every mother, the Empress strongly feels her emotions which she gives and accepts. She prefers community to individuality. Warm relationships and spiritual closeness are the basis of her existence. She can therefore be seen as a caretaker, who can listen, nurture and soothe pain. Her strength is reflected not only in the motherhood, but also in many other activities. Everywhere, where a sensitive approach and bonds are required.

The Empress is guarding the atmosphere of safety and trust. Her home is essential to her and represents a place of peace, where she can always return to and where she finds herself secure. She can empathize with others and gives understanding and reassurance.

Her feminine principle can accompany you if you experience a period of uncertainty and unrest. For example if you are awaiting blood test results or an important letter, try to consider who of your friends can provide the necessary comfort to you. And vice versa – ask yourself whether there is anyone between your beloved ones, someone whom you wrongly neglect, or someone who would appreciate your help but might hesitate to approach you. A plain friendly talk is in many cases sufficient as the treatment of a pain.

With the Empress you can realize how important it is not to forget the creative principle in our everyday life. If you want to grow flowers, you can pick up a guide and choose the appropriate variety, combination and treatment approach. All according to the instructions. But the Empress would rather listen to her heart and chose a flower which she instantly likes. She would carefully watch whether the flower needs more or less water. And she would certainly search for the place where the flower grows and looks the best at the same time.

Friendship ties are an important part of life. The Empress can well distinguish the superficial and volatile ones from the deep and permanent ones. A true friend is always recognized only in an emergency. Think about how many friends would selflessly help you with moving to new apartment. Or who would withdraw his scheduled program only because you feel miserable today and need some company. This way you will distinguish true friends from ordinary people you only regularly meet.

The Empress wants to be a real support for her friends, because she is looking for the same support as well from time to time. She is therefore vulnerable and cannot avoid the sorrow. Where there are expectations, there is often also disappointment. This is however only temporary. With confidence and understanding, the Empress is always surrounded by those who do not only accept but also give the helping hand.

The Devil

Key terms: chaos, creativity, pleasure, fantasy, anarchy, lie

The Devil on this card is a very peculiar character. Obviously it is no dark envoy from the hell, not such we would expect in fairy-tales. This Devil is humorous at first glance, because he has a squint and is sticking out his tongue – as if he wanted to make us laugh by his grimace. However, his second face located in the belly signifies that we should not believe this impression. The Devil is the embodiment of chaos and lie, because his body has breast and penis at the same time.

This card can be an indication of real anarchy, which can easily seize your life. Imagine, how quickly you can lose the calm and steady rhythm of life, if someone close gets sick or in case of problems at work or in a relationship.

Do not yield to fear. There are things that you cannot influence, such as unexpected illness, natural disasters or fluctuations in the stock market. On the other hand, the Devil may try to affect you directly. Think about how much you have lately been tempted to lie or cheat. Even small excuses or wrongly returned cash in the shop (money you unfairly kept in silence), these all are indications of the Devil's influence. Not to mention the real lies, theft or adultery.

Many of these things you can influence by yourself. The Devil cannot be trained or tied. On the contrary, the Devil himself binds all who surrender to his influence, as you can see on the card. It is up to you, whether you decide to resist his temptations, or whether you prefer not to expose yourself to them at all. If you do not want to get drunk, it is better not to go in a bar. Swimming at the stadium or going to the cinema can be an alternative in such case, if you want to actively deal with the devil's temptations.

The Devil holds a torch in his hand, which recalls a brush. Creativity given to him is one of the areas, where he can apply his skills to your advantage. The Devil has a rich imagination, but he mainly uses it to deceit and delusion. However, if you direct the imagination to some creative activities, you can enjoy the success of your invention. You can make a painting or start an Internet blog. Or you can make someone happy by an unusual gift or bring a new spark of originality to your love relationship. And if the fruits of your fantasies are too daring, indulge in daydreaming. Even then you might be rewarded with delight and pleasure.

The Devil lives in our shadow. And as the shadow accompanies us constantly, the temptation of the Devil is omnipresent. The main influence of the Devil is to oppose the law and order. The opposite to our conscious will and virtues which we should follow.

Whether you will encounter the Devil and his influence within yourself or in your neighborhood, you should be grateful for it. The Devil is testing us and helps us to deepen our character and self-control. Only thanks to him we recognize the humanity. Everyone who encounters him and wins, can be rightly proud of himself.

The Star

Key terms: purification, harvest, nudity, harmony, vulnerability, selfishness

The Star shows a young naked girl with the whole sky shining above her. She holds two ewers in her hands, from which water flows into the river and also on the ground. The Star is a card of harvest and regeneration. It seems as if the life-giving water sprang directly from these ewers. Thanks to it the whole landscape is green and the water in the river rises.

Nudity shown by this card disguises the process of purification. Harmony with nature reminds us of the true human nature. It recalls that we come into the world completely naked. And deep under all disguises, titles and social status, our soul always remains naked.

The Star is an inspiration to immerse yourself into your own soul and to search fertile sources. They provide energy to our daily endeavors. Sincerity of our goals is expressed in the nudity of the Star. Deceitful acting will be easily exhausted unless the goal is quickly reached. While sincere efforts are often eternal, because it feeds on the inner source of pleasure and the sense of belonging.

Imagine, for example, that you have to nod approvingly all day to your supervisor, with whom you disagree and whom you find personally unpleasant. If you do not reach the promotion soon, surely you will dislike this situation after a short time. Or likewise, if you choose your partner only for money and his property, you will run out of patience with him soon. While if you share your life with someone you truly love, you will not be discouraged by his whims, illness or aging. Also at work, it is easy to spend overtime hours regardless of the money, if you do this with inner confidence. This is because you are convinced about its good purpose and because you enjoy this kind of work.

Try to purify your mind from everything that is not sincere and therefore burdens you. The Star will help you. Concentrate on your mission. Everyday care and your solicitude are like watering the garden of your life with bottomless ewers.

Surprisingly, to be the Star does not only mean to excel among others, but also to find your own place in the proper constellation. If you look at the sky in the city, you will see only a couple of the brightest stars. However, if you get out into the countryside, you will see countless amount of them. If you forget everyone else, you risk to be blinded by selfishness. Everybody is a Star, even if not the brightest in the sky. This card therefore appeals to you to find your proper place in the sky (and between the people on the earth). You will shine enough among others, while remaining a part of the whole – of the constellation.

Through sincerity and honesty you may get at least closer to the paradise on earth, where nudity was a common part of life of a pure human soul. Anyone, who decides to expose his own heart without pretending, becomes vulnerable, because he reveals everything from his nature. However, he can be rewarded with a sense of harmony with his own belief, which brings peace and quiet into his life.

The Moon

Key terms: passivity, past, secrets, sleep, addiction, manipulation

The Moon is turned to us from a side view. It does not speak directly to us. It also seems, as if the Sun with its rays was hiding behind it. The reason is simple. The Moon is really some kind of a mirror of the Sun. Its light which can be seen at night is just a reflection of sunlight.

Once upon a time the Moon was alive. Today it is just a cold stone. Its face does not change over millions of years. It is not a source of energy like the sun. It only receives and reflects the rays that arrive to it. Therefore it is primarily a symbol of passivity. Everything, what we see now on the surface, is a matter of a distant past.

The Moon is a guide. It does not offer you a helping hand. It is too far away and it floats on its way through the night sky. You can think about old times and study the secrets behind its wrinkled face. With the Moon you will get the inspiration and space for contemplation in places surrounded by darkness.

In a relationship the Moon always embodies the less active one, that lets its counterpart shine on it. The one who likes to be lead and persuaded. Or someone who uses the energy of others to live in their glow. The Moon reminds us of somebody or some period that will be passive. It may be someone close, from whom you have hoped to get strength, but who is passive now. However, the Moon may as well indicate that now the time is coming when you should reduce the activity and slow down. The night, where the Moon rules, is the time of sleep and dreams.

Besides the the Moon, the card is dominated by two dogs and a crayfish. They together express different possibilities how to develop the passive character of the Moon. Just as we are far from the Moon and its cold isolation on the celestial path, we are very distant to the nature of dogs and crayfish. These are animals that can live independently and do not need people in their life.

The dogs, however, can be mastered. Thus they reflect the possibility, that passive people can sometimes be manipulated. That they literally can be "trained" or "tamed". Consider whether you are cannot observe signs of such behavior in yourself or in your neighborhood. The Moon in the form of dogs becomes completely dependent on its counterpart. Without the sun, it would be utterly lost.

The crayfish on the other hand, depicted in the lowest part, represents the incapability of any relationship and influence. The crayfish is destined by nature to passivity towards man and prefers to live in seclusion at the bottom of a large pool. It embodies those people, who find their wealth (pearls that the crayfish is clutching) within their own solitude (in a shell).

Without the sun, the Moon would not be such as we know it. The Moon therefore needs a partner, who will supply the energy and light into its life. The Moon would be practically invisible without the sun.


Key terms: honesty, fairness, altruism, pleasure, retribution, condemnation

This card pictures the Last Judgment scene described in the Bible. An angel is trumpeting the arrival of this event. All the dead rise from graves to be judged. Everyone is repaid in the final judgment according to his deeds. Everyone gets either eternal salvation or damnation.

It does not matter whether you are Christians, Buddhists, other religion or atheists. This card only uses the biblical topic as a mean of inspiration and reflection. The Last Judgment serves therefore mainly as a reminder of the need to assess our actions. The angel on the card looks directly into your eyes. It is up to you to judge yourself, at least for the moment. Think about whether your actions are in accordance with your conviction. Then follow further - think about whether your beliefs are in harmony with the unity of the universe.

The life involves more than just individual interests. The card thus draws your attention to the need of a broader assessment of your actions. It is fundamentally good to follow the higher interests rather than only those of your own. The good and the evil take many forms. But the absolute basis is a common decency and honesty.

People are like trees. If any f the roots are bad, it cannot grow up into the sky. It is necessary to be healthy to achieve true spiritual greatness. The roots represent our ethical properties, from which all our actions are growing. They can take the form of something respectable (mature tree crown), or – if they are bad – just remain low albeit dense vegetation (grass and weeds).

If you judge, always strive for impartiality. Everybody and everything has some inborn qualities and others are formed by the time or education. If you judge according to your expectations and not impartially, you will be disappointed and your judgments can harm you as well as others. If you plant a spruce seed, you cannot expect to grow an apple tree or even a rose. But it can become a beautiful spruce, if you care for it and the circumstances are favorable. Do not judge the spruce for being a spruce, because it is its essence.

The Judgment also highlights that the top of our efforts is our calling. And the calling should not be confused with plain work, employment or career. Although all these words at first glance describe the very similar thing, the calling is substantially something of a higher importance.

Work is something we do to earn our living. Whereas the calling is an activity, that has a deeper meaning. The calling is the profession to which one was truly called (from above) – to follow the higher principle. The calling is therefore a matter of honor and inner fulfillment, not just plain work. It does not matter, whether your occupation is to paint fences, cut hair or build houses. Even an ordinary bricklayer can feel, how much his ordinary work makes him happy, if he recognizes, that the result of his efforts affects other people's lives for generations. If he recognizes, that this work is the true calling for him.

If you have this card in front of you, think about whether your work is also your true calling. And whether the acts that you sow into the world, will plant the further growth of honesty and selflessness. Without the inner quality, you get by the calling, it does not make sense to look for the higher quality knowledge of our being.

Wheel of Fortune

Key terms: predestination, cycle, chance, luck, helplessness, stereotype

The Wheel of Fortune portrays three grotesque figures, probably monkeys, holding a large spinning wheel. The upper figure with a crown and a sword represents the ruling presence. The future is climbing upwards on the right. It has large ears and wide-open eyes to better recognize, what to bring along into the present. The past is sadly heading down on the left. Its time has passed. The whole Wheel is sailing on sea waves. It shows how our life cycle is unstable and how we are often helplessly drifting along the flow of events.

At first glance, the Wheel of Fortune may also remind a roulette wheel. Happiness is in this case only a matter of pure coincidence. Undeserved benefit or cheap gain – these are things which almost everyone desires. Therefore it is considered to be a real luck to have a good time and be rich without any effort. That is why there are the three figures woven into the wheel and in every moment, another one of them is on top. The wheel shows greed, joy and disappointment in this simple-minded carousel. Random luck is usually very unstable. The real and permanent happiness must be earned.

You can see the constant change of our life periods in this card. For some, it may represent the stereotype of everyday worries and responsibilities. Something surrounding us from the outside. Both, work and leisure can turn grey in boring shades of banality day after day. That is how you get absorbed by feeling of helplessness and imprisonment in the wheel of your fate. In such case, this card means a challenge to opt out from an unfortunate cycle, that surrounds us every day.

Many people also often encounter the same problem when they repeat the same mistakes in life. The Wheel of Fortune is then the principle within us. For example, you leave one partner for his unbearable nature, but with the new one you discover after some time, that he has nearly the same nature as the previous "bad" one. How is this possible? The Wheel of Fortune is the answer.

Mindless walking in a circle is very simple. We usually have the same answers to the recurring life questions. We act automatically using formulas that we do not even realize. Someone does not reply to messages, even if it is a matter of courtesy and the answer could be a single sentence. Some people are always late and believe, it does not matter. Some are reluctant to be honest and make excuses even in trivialities. The examples are countless.

We usually act the way we were taught. To reject the principle of inertia and get out of the rut is therefore very difficult and requires a lot of effort. Trying to "get beyond your own shadow" is a matter of lifelong endeavor.

The Wheel of Fortune, as its name suggests, tells the story about the cycle and also about happiness. The ordinary routine brings a proper order to some people, some kind of certainty and true happiness. On the contrary, for some others this stereotype is devastating and such people are happy in finding new paths and options. Try to deal with your Wheel of Fortune in your way.

The Emperor

Key terms: authority, power, determination, solution, conflict, arrogance

The Emperor is a powerful ruler. He represents a father figure who should give a good example to us. He embodies the authority who has to solve many important decisions. Therefore the Emperor has to be strong and determined, to be able to solve the problems and take important actions.

Professionalism is an essential quality of the Emperor. He does not act recklessly, always thinks over his actions and focuses on doing his job responsibly. Be inspired by him. Consider for instance, if there is any new book in your field that you could study. Ask yourself the important question whether your work means also the life mission to you, or if it is just a necessity. The Emperor knows that work done only for money does not bring real life fulfillment. And even if there are periods in life when you cannot choose the work according to your wishes, there certainly will come a day when you will have a job that will fulfill not only you, but also those who will harvest the fruits of your efforts.

Try to look into the future like the Emperor. Try to invent something new, something that will make your or others' life and work easier and more pleasant. Do not settle just for the idea. Sacrifice a few lazy evenings in front of television and lock yourself in the workshop; or submit an application for a grant. Your ideas require commitment to follow through. Only those you have carried out are truly valuable.

The Emperor is mighty and he influences wide surrounding. The Emperor tries to lead the others, because he is endowed with exemplary character and responsibility. He is ready to deal with serious issues. Should you spend your salary bonus on a nice holiday or rather save the money for the reconstruction of your apartment? Should you work or study abroad or rather stay with your family and friends here? Will it be better to buy expensive toys for children now or to save money for them to study when they grow older? You have to answer these and similar questions for yourself. Whatever is on your mind, the Emperor will be a good guide in your decision making. Try to decide responsibly as he would do.

The Emperor can be determined when needed. There are moments, when it is not possible to take a long time to consider our actions. The Emperor does not act rashly but resolutely. And always according to noble moral principles. For example, if you see a pickpocket on the street, you do not have to directly grab his hand. Also to call the police is a way, how to actively help in the situation. And it is certainly better than idle watching.

This card does not necessarily indicate the Emperor inside you. Think about someone in your neighborhood who is now a typical Emperor. It may be your superior, a colleague, your partner or even a customer. What is his attitude towards you? It may be friendly. However, if anyone enjoys the power itself it is usually not far from arrogance or real conflict. In your decision-making always consider the interests of the others and not only of yourself.

Whatever life and work tasks you have to solve, try to accomplish them with courage and responsibility, like a real Emperor would do. You may not be a manager of a software company, nor a car factory CEO. To lead your own life with bravery and honesty, that is today truly a commendable act for everyone.


Key terms: faith, fulfillment, belief, meditation, blindness, doubts

The Belief depicts a wise man, who has found what many people are missing today – true faith. He speaks to his disciples about life, about its pleasures and sufferings.

Faith gives meaning to our lives. And it does not always have to be the religious faith. A common belief, that good deeds are worth doing and that evil only brings more evil, is an important pillar of our daily effort.

When we lie down in the evening, we should feel that each of our acts fits into the mosaic of the meaningful path of our destiny. Even a seemingly wasted day can be a challenge to start doing things differently. Adversity is always a test for us. If you could not accomplish a long-awaited deal or someone in your family is ill, try to accept this fact as a special "gift" from above. Only with the belief that not just the good things, but everything in your life has a meaning, you will be able to come through tough life periods too.

There is only little faith in the modern world that presents lasting spiritual wealth for anyone, who has it. People, who do not have any faith, sometimes unnecessarily gamble with their life. Their only reward is a short-term boost in a sea of futility. Others are afraid to stop running and start meditating about their lives more deeply. The emptiness, that can be hidden in it, is often covered by wealth or appreciation of the surrounding. But new computer becomes outdated one day, T-shirt comes out of fashion and the car which might have required more care than your own family becomes rusty sooner or later. Just then one can realize, whether all these things actually served to a deeper way of life fulfillment, or whether you rather forgot about the shallow being because of all these things.

If you look around, you realize that it is human to make mistakes. Not each of our activities can be in absolute harmony with our belief and minor lapses represent tests of our faith. If you are on a diet and after a month of suffering you eat a sausage, it is not a crime. It is poor to consciously and deliberately harm yourself or the others. And that usually happens because of blind faith or no faith at all. If you smoke one cigarette, you do not have to despair, that you are a real smoker. But if you light this cigarette with joy in a forest, because you do not care, whether the forest burns down, then it is really bad with your faith.

Blind faith is equally dangerous as when there is no faith in you at all. Passionate follower of a religion can be equally dangerous as anyone, who do not believe even in himself. Therefore the belief needs to unite with reason.

Faith cannot be forced to anyone, nor can it be easily obtained. Faith is a deep conviction that every step in our life has a meaning. Despite our efforts to determine the course of our life, sometimes we find ourselves powerless. Then we should stop and contemplate. Things are happening as they should, whether we like it or not. And only with faith we can find peace in turbulent times or in suffering.

La Papesse

Key terms: balance, independence, freedom, autonomy, indifference, alienation

The High Priestess is self-confident and calm, because she achieved the balance between her desires and ways of realizing them. This balance is very rare and even mysterious to many people. The High Priestess holds a book in her hands, from which she draws the knowledge. Wisdom is one of the few permanent values in life. It is a source of spiritual energy, which gives the strength and independence to people.

If the High Priestess feels dissatisfied, she always has two choices. She can either increase her efforts to achieve whatever she desires, or she can reconsider her goals and literally tighten her belt. Both ways lead to the state of internal balance in case they were successfully accomplished. For example: if you are looking for an expensive painting, you can try to get enough money to purchase it. Or you can accept the fact, that you will be satisfied with the reproduction and save a lot of money. Alternatively, you can cope only with the reminiscence of the painting or just take a walk from time to time among similar paintings in the gallery.

To lower your own expectations can be often achieved only through exhausting mental work. If you will not find your favorite brand of cheese in the shop, you will easily take another or try next shop. However, it also happens that you cannot study exactly the school you dreamed of. Or your partner will stop loving you. These are hard times and often you do not have any other option than to accept such situation.

Ordinary oblivion often comes instead of solving the situation – it is usually easier. Like trying to bury unpleasant experience under the fresh snow of new events, but obviously sooner or later the snow melts and you are confronted with the old sorrows again. However, if you succeed in the effort to gain inner reconciliation with a difficult situation, you will find inside yourself a new source of life, which will make you much stronger and more balanced.

The life of the High Priestess is free and independent. The fewer ties to the things she creates, the less must she stick to them – and the less disappointment can each loss cause to her. If you will not insist on keeping an expensive car or a big house or even your job, you will not have to worry about losing them either.

Naturally it is different with human relationships. If someone would completely give up deep emotions and relationships to his beloved ones, he would lose an important meaning of life and become indifferent and his life empty. However, it is important to remember that human relationships are passing just like the physical things are. And clinging to relationships brings only pain and lack of freedom at the end. Human life as well as every relationship is limited.

Therefore not only things but also human lives are ephemeral. The High Priestess rejoices each day, which allows her to enjoy the presence of kindred spirits. She however never forgets, that this state can always cease. She does not waste her time. And if an involuntary farewell comes, she does not grieve. She knows that everything in the world has the beginning and the end. Only then can the High Priestess be stable and satisfied.

The Magician

Key terms: communication, skillfulness, brightness, dating, overestimation, failure

The Magician is very skillful. He can amuse and entertain. He is very smart, attracts attention, and is a born entertainer. He does not let anyone fool him, because he knows a lot of tricks himself. However, he had to develop his talent for a long time, because without endurance and exercise he would have remained only a gifted disciple and would not have reached the mastery.

The Magician is primarily a symbol of skillful communication. This card gives you courage, strength and confidence in any serious conversation. With the Magician, you will easily manage complex family disputes, difficult business meetings, job interviews, unpleasant phone calls, or warranty complaint for broken-down iron.

This card will also equip you with sense of humor and readiness even in casual conversation. This way the Magician will be your perfect assistant at social events of all kind. You can become the star of a party, gain the admiration of your colleagues, or just make a news vendor laugh. You will choose the right words at the right time with this card. Such talent is very useful whenever you want to attract the attention of your counterpart, whether during an ordinary encounter at the work's coffee machine or at a long romantic dinner.

If you plan to pursue activities, that require a bright mind, than the Magician is a very good sign. Start learning a foreign language, play chess, study for an exam or read the manual to your mobile phone to find out which functions you have not yet utilized.

The Magician can also be anyone in your surrounding. Try to feel the positive magical moments you encounter. Does it seem that someone is more articulate than before? Does someone make a very charming impression on you? Maybe the Magician is behind that all. However, be cautious that someone does not try to fool you. The magical ability to be persuasive can also be nourished by malicious intentions. The dice on the table in front of the Magician can serve as and example. They can be a source of entertainment, but if you surrender to their magical spell, they become easily a symbol of gambling and hazard.

The risks of this card are mainly overestimation and failure. The Magician is definitely not omnipotent and you should not completely surrender to his charm. You would certainly fail to study the entire Encyclopedia Britannica in one night. Likewise, if you have been very shy till now, even the Magician will not help you to cope with three dates in one evening. And after six glasses of wine, not only the Magician's tongue would be exhausted, but yours will be obviously too. Therefore do not fall into self-delusion and judge your skills rather modestly.

The Magician gives a wise direction in which to step out. Try to use and develop all his aspects, which will increase your attractiveness and charm and which will help you to better express your thoughts and feelings. The Magician is only a step by step guide on your path to continual improvement.


Key terms: prudence, consistency, reconciliation, balance, hesitation, doubts

The Justice is a prudent and respectable guardian of stability. She is clutching a sword and scales in her hands. Scales signify, that the Justice puts emphasis on careful consideration of every action and every word. The sword is a sign of respect for order and a warning to anyone, who wants to plunge the world into chaos or injustice.

Certain principles and sense for order are inseparable from the Justice. She always makes decisions only after careful consideration and not based on intuition, instinct or momentary mood. To be able to avoid errors, she thinks about important issues in sorrow and also in joy. Only then she can determine, whether her decisions will succeed in good times as well as in bad times. And you can be inspired by her prudence.

If you eat a chocolate and then bite into a sweet apple, the apple will still appear to be sour. If you build your house next to a luxury residence equipped with a swimming pool and a golf course, you will still feel poor. But if you find yourself in the Sahara desert poorly dressed and with an ordinary bottle of water, you can finally feel rich. The Justice knows all that and therefore she looks not only to the rich, but also to the poor. None of them are any better than the others. They just often have different fates.

It is a difficult and sometimes almost impossible task to consider all the pros and cons in complex situations where the world is changing frequently from day to day. What was true on Friday is already different on Monday. Justice must be reconciled with itself and with the fact, that her success will always be accompanied by doubts and hesitation. This is simply because the world cannot stop spinning.

Balanced distribution of your energy and free-time between your family and friends is very important to satisfy the Justice. Consider for example, whether you do not spend more money, than you can afford. Everything you do has an impact not only on you, but also on your beloved ones. And your behavior should be fair in all respects.

The sword clutched by the Justice recalls the need for revenge - to give someone, what he deserves. But Justice is calm and when she decides to raise the sword, her motivation is not anger. Anger can cloud the reason and good judgment. If someone does not respond to a long letter, there is no need to write a second one. If someone promises twice some assistance to you and you never get any, it is useless to wait for it the third time. And if your favorite TV station has canceled the broadcasting, try to take it as a challenge to deal more positively with your free-time. Disappointment is appropriate in such cases, but not anger. The Justice knows, that people finally get in return, what they have given to the world themselves.

If you have a feeling that your fate is now unjust to you, the Justice can be seen as a promise for the future. It can happen, that you or someone close becomes ill or affected by an accident, even if you are not responsible for such misfortune. The Justice embodies a higher principle, which will help you to accept these difficulties with calmness, courage and balance.

Justice brings reconciliation for each soul and gives the order to the world. Therefore try to have pleasure from both.

The Lovers

Key terms: love, relationship, passion, emotion, hardship, temptation

The Lovers show an angel of love who is pointing his arrow down to the ground among ordinary people, where he tries to awaken their mutual passion and emotions. This card has no central figure, because human relationships are often very complicated. This card is also ambiguous, and therefore it depends on you, how you interpret it.

The figure on the left can be a priest blessing the bond of young lovers. It can also be a husband, who caught his unfaithful wife with another man. Or it can be a pimp offering services of the woman on the right side. Finally, it does not have to be a male figure but an ugly wealthy woman and her man (in the middle) hesitates, whether wealth and comfort are more important to him than love and sincerity. Imagination has no limits and the true nature of this card is in your hands.

The card carries the message that love takes many forms. Life without loving someone or at least something lacks the charm and depth. Surely you can live without love, but it is like cooking the lunch without spices. If you select the wrong spices, choose wrong amount or completely forget it, neither you nor anyone else will enjoy the meal.

Falling in love is often only a blind passion for someone else, a simple burst. Therefore beware of arrows of Eros, which can quickly awake enthusiasm in you. If you are serious about any relationship, imagine how the person, who bewitched you, will look next year or in thirty years. Will you like him or her even with two heavy shopping bags? What will you do, if he or she wants to watch TV series, which you despise? Will you love him even with false teeth? And finally, can you imagine him or her as a parent of your children?

Sooner or later those pink glasses disappear, but true love is the art of cultivating a long-term relationship. It is up to you, whether you have enough strength and appetite to nourish the fire of love that warms up your life. A long-term relationship requires a lot of sacrifices and compromises, because sharing yourself with anyone else is always very challenging.

Only when you are really thirsty, then you realize how good pure water can be. And similarly, only in isolation or emotional distress you can appreciate a deep and strong relationship as a worthy value. A long-term relationship is always accompanied by temptation and need for forgiveness. The inclination to sin is inborn to human kind. Therefore sinful thoughts are not bad but natural. They are a matter of the internal struggle within each one of us. However, to want to sin deliberately and consciously is really bad.

The Lovers encourage reflection over the emotional life. Are you doing, what you really love? Do you surround yourself with people, whom you can trust completely and who are honest to you? There is always space for evaluation. Do not be carried away just by emotions. And be grateful every day for the possibility to share your life with someone close.


Key terms: desire, courage, instinct, sexuality, jealousy, anger

The Strength shows a courageous woman who can tame a wild animal at her side. She has a real passion and massive power available. Either she will be able to control these properties and use them to her advantage, or they would overcome and absorb her.

To perform many actions you can use either intelligence or force. This card indicates that the motivation for your deeds will be the immense courage and inner desire. Something natural, strong and instinctive deep within you.

The mouth of the animal is full of teeth and symbolizes the taste and courage which you can launch into any activity. The energy available to you will be directed into interpersonal relationships. There you can meet an equally instinctive counterpart.

The card Strength can be a sign to increase joint efforts between you and your colleagues at work. If your Power meets with incomprehension, it will on the contrary easily result in rivalry. Power can also bring a new sparkle to your union or partnership. The immediate enthusiasm is always a good basis to make your love relationship more spicy. It brings recovery into the bleached corners of marriage which has lasted many years. Power is a mighty source of energy which you just have to direct actively.

Power is also typical for teenage liberty. It is the time in life, when the real lust begins to have a command. Sexuality is then the incredible power and motivates people to spend immense efforts to attract any desired counterpart. Human desire is wild in this period and needs consistent leadership. Otherwise, the consequences of headless actions might be unpleasant for everyone.

Do not forget, that the Power may occur in your surrounding. Maybe this time you will become the object of longing interest. Be attentive and you might be surprised.

If you are not a "teen", but you still feel a strong desire in your bones to share your affection with someone else, be cautious. Perhaps you are still eagerly looking for the right mental or physical counterpart. But maybe you just want to prove that you still do not belong on a scrapheap.

Or worse - maybe, under the affection of anger or jealousy, you are trying to revenge on someone. Therefore avoid impulsiveness and pay attention to be sincere with genuine intentions.

The Strength supplies a real passion and depth to your behavior. The intensity of your feelings can be now noticeably different. So get ready to the strong experience. However, be cautious. Power is like fire - a good servant but a bad master.


Key terms: harmony, serenity, health, union, rush, imbalance

The Temperance is a guardian angel. She is holding two containers and mixes thoroughly both contents. It is a reminder of the historical method of mixing water with wine. But it is good to perceive this act in a broader sense. The containers symbolize that the world and our actions are tightly connected. Just like water mixed into wine cannot be recovered, our actions as well are irreversible in the current of events.

The Temperance is trying to achieve a harmonious life. This card will therefore be a good guide for thinking about the balance of your actions.

Many people do not recognize the imbalance in their lives and try to replace it with increased effort. If someone likes sports, but does not have enough time to practice right now, he can easily register into a big cross-country run. Although he will probably finish between the last ones, he might get at least the impression that he is catching up with his lost time by attending something great. And this only because many others, who run regularly without ambitions and only for pleasure, have not signed up for the competition.

Someone else leads an exhausting life and thinks that the a week's rest during Christmas will make it up for all the sleepless nights and weekends at work during the whole year. At the end he discovers that he lost the habit of relaxing and to catch up he attends pubs and parties with friends. Dark circles under your eyes could eventually be improved by facelift, but the total exhaustion and damaged health are difficult to replace.

Other people travel the world and have no time for their family. When they finally return and want to shower their beloved with favors, gifts and stories, they might find out that the time is gone. Neither good photographs nor video recordings can replace the moments you have missed.

The Temperance is an ability of uniting the opposites. It is difficult to spend 16 hours a day at work and to have a happy wife and children at the same time. It can also be difficult to maintain several love relationships simultaneously. Or to take care of a house, a garden and a cottage together. The balance of your acts is simply important. Everything you do has an impact not only on you, but also on your neighborhood. Therefore, to estimate properly your own capabilities and in particular to set the priorities, this is for everyone without exception a question essential to life.

This card is therefore a warning for all who do not live in balance. Whether you put an immense emphasis on work, eating, drinking, money spending or anything else, think how much it can be damaging you and everybody else. The Temperance is a guardian angel, who may help you heal the body and correct the rhythm of life. To achieve harmony is perhaps harder than to achieve most of your defined goals. In order to be proud of yourself, you do not necessarily have to set difficult goals, such as climbing Mount Everest or traveling around the world. The effort of a harmonious life is a very respectable and challenging goal itself.

The Hanged Man

Key terms: alternative, defiance, waiting, sacrifice, incapability, helplessness

The Hanged Man man is hung by one leg on the rope. The question is, why does he persist in this unusual and apparently uncomfortable position? As a matter of fact, there are two explanations.

It may be someone, who deserves the punishment, and therefore he was tied to the gibbet. At this point, he has to suffer and carry the consequences of his actions. However, it is clear that his wrongdoing could not be too serious. Otherwise, the punishment would have been significantly more severe.

So here we have someone opinionated, probably a rebel going against social conventions. Thus the Hanged Man is a good way to challenge the society and traditions. The Hanged Man is the one, who does not only think differently but he also acts so. If he would keep his opinions to himself, he would not be punished by the major society.

The Hanged Man may be an environmentalist, a campaigner for disarmament or another political activist. As well, he can be someone who refuses to take care of his health, career or bank account. Just anyone who does not share all the commonly accepted views and has the courage to step out against the mainstream conventions. In retribution he loses his freedom temporarily.

If you feel that the Hanged Man is part of your nature, accept it as a challenge to consider how to combine your dealing with the outside world. For example, think about the last time you had troubles with an authority or an institution and how would you behave in the same situation next time. If you perceive someone of your friends as the Hanged Man, think about how to help him in his troubles. Certainly you will not change his views, but maybe you could find a better way to express them while avoiding social retribution.

However, there is a second way, how to look at this card. The Hanged Man has a rope attached only to one leg and his hands are hidden behind his back. We do not know, whether they are bound or not. And if they are not, we can think with a little exaggeration, that the Hanged Man is just practicing on a rope, or maybe stretching his back. He remains in this unusual position, because it brings him relief, pleasure and especially the inverse view of the world.

The world upside down – to see things from another perspective, that is what attracts the "voluntarily" Hanged Man. Inverted World is a valuable source of inspiration to him. This Hanged Man is an artist, an inventor or a visionary.

No matter what impression this card makes on you, its message should be always accompanied by the fact, that the Hanged Man is for that moment someone with a limited potential. Someone, who – voluntarily or not – has lost his power for some period of the time. He must now sacrifice his comfort. Only his own skills or waiting will bring him to his natural position. Hanging is the tax for his free spirit and innovative ideas.

The Sun

Key terms: energy, diligence, motivation, cooperation, anxiety, rivalry

The Sun is looking directly at us. Its yellow rays are literally dancing in the amount of energy. The red ones are burning as a hot sword. Colorful drops are directed away from the Sun and they are also expressing the springing energy of which the Sun has an excessive amount.

This card brings you motivation and determination. It is not only important to start an activity, but also to have enough strength to persevere in the efforts for weeks or even months. Now the Sun may indicate, that the time to embark on large projects has come, because you will have enough energy to give out. Alternatively, there might appear a "workhorse" in your vicinity that can motivate you to the increased work effort.

Two scantily clad figures in the bottom of the card resemble either a fighting match or the efforts to help each other. Both men are balancing on water. Walking on water surface has long been considered a miracle. Thus the card shows that nothing is impossible under the direct influence of the Sun.

It is not clear, however, if the characters are trying to get each other off the balance or on the contrary to support each other. In the first case it is rivalry, in the second cooperation. Consider which one you now experience more in your life.

The energy brought by the Sun may easily turn into your disadvantage. There might appear a powerful rival at work or in your life who would make you concerned. Fear and anxiety may also come in case you wrongly estimate your possibilities and rush into a big project, that will get out of your control.

Keep in mind, that water underneath the male characters feet only shows uncertainty that always accompanies situations, where a lot of energy or capital is in the game.

Remember also the poetic dimension carried by the Sun itself. Lay down on a warm place or stand for a few minutes near the window, close your eyes and let the soothing rays penetrate your skin and body. This may be a sufficient reward after an exhausting day.

And if it is cloudy and you cannot see the Sun in the sky, in your neighborhood or in your heart, do not despair. This card is the promise of better tomorrows. Even behind the dark overcast, where clouds are impenetrable, the Sun shines. Just think hard about it and you can build a bridge from your patience, which will eventually lead you to the Sun.


Key terms: change, opportunity, detachment, humility, decline, suffering

The Death shows a skeleton with a scythe. Despite concerns this card is not a premonition of physical death, but it is primarily a symbol of life change. The old things leave to give way to something new. However, as many major life changes are accompanied by painful experiences, this frightening scene is justifiable here.

The skeleton (do not use the name Death on principle) walks across a black fertile field where the grains will soon begin to grow. This is the proof of how fruitful and positive period will follow. There are few limbs and male and female heads with a crown scattered on the field. These two heads point out that the first and most important change in life concerns our detachment from our parents.

During adulthood, almost everyone considers to stand on his own feet, or sometimes also whether to go study abroad. Such a step is usually the end of the current comfortable life and can be metaphorically expressed as the death of one life stage. The one which was ruled by mom and dad. From that moment on, there are no longer the king and the queen to dominate your life. But neither the strange skeleton is the ruler. He has no crown on his head and he only walks through the card.

There are many other examples, where this card can be applied. A significant opportunity for change could be a different job, where you can build up a new career. In partnership for example, there are different stages and turning points. Such a breakthrough moment is the wedding, that binds people together and provides a fertile ground for future harvest of love, help and understanding. At the same time it also closes the period of freedom and lower responsibility, which is sometimes as well associated with the direct influence of parents.

Unlike other cards, this one does not display any name and therefore the name "Death" is rather misleading. It is obvious, that much more accurately it could be called for example "Change". However, the skeleton is in our mind too closely linked to dying and suffering rather than to remind the change and birth of anything new.

However, the skeleton on this card is different. We cannot see a bare skeleton, but rather a bony figure partly covered by muscles. Thus, we see someone, who had to lose his appearance to gain a new form. It is possible, that in a few more steps he will have a real body and a new human face back in place.

Things in life are changing. Many are marginal but some essential. This card is a reminder of those very important ones, which can change you fundamentally (metaphorically "to the bone"). Do not get worried, when looking at the skeleton. You should accept this card with reason, not by heart. Your heart can work as an engine, but the direction of changes should rather given by your rational mind.

If the important balance in nature and life is to be maintained, something must always stop and leave, so that something new can come. At the end, all changes are to be accepted humbly.