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What is the meaning of each card position in my tarot reading?


Which assets can you expect to come?
This card position shows positive options how to direct your life path towards better tomorrows. It is important not only to have the hope, but also to actively step out to meet it. Explore your chances and fateful opportunities. The Hope will motivate you and show you the right direction. Think about it and try to get the benefit of its message.


Which dangers are threatening you?
This card shows negative tendencies, that are hidden in you or in your surrounding. Think about them and try to prepare for them in advance. Adversity encourages you to be cautious. Try to avoid the pitfalls that may await you.


Which way to go?
You always have to overcome the Adversity and head towards the Hope. The Bridge will be a helpful card on this uneasy journey. With its support, you will get a better idea which is the right direction for solving your problem.


Who will help in the hardest moment?
If you cannot achieve your goal for a long time and difficulties are growing, the Guide helps you to find the cause of failure. Think of this card in the worst moments and try to find a way to defeat Adversity.

Which tarot card reading to choose?

If you are not experienced in the tarot card reading, or if it is your first reading, select the option with fewer cards. We recommend not to hurry during your first interpretations. The best start for the beginning could be the two-cards reading.

What is the meaning of "upside down" cards?

Cards shuffling

In the process of tarot reading it usually depends how the cards are shuffled. The way of shuffling determines the probability of a card in "upside down" position. If you shuffle the cards with both hands, and  you split the packages and rotate them against each other, the probability of "upside down" cards is up to 50%. However, if you do not turn the package over and just fold up the cards from the bottom, the incidence can be nearly zero.

The meaning of "upside down" cards

The meaning attributed to these "upside down" cards is very different. According to some interpretations these cards have the opposite ("shadow") meaning of the original card.  According to  others, they have the same meaning as cards in the correct position.

Considering the fact, that the quantity of  upside down" cards can be significantly influenced by the way of shuffling, it depends on everybody, whether he decides intentionally to prefer tarot reading with "upside down" cards or not.

On PsychicReadingsWorld.com I do not use "upside down" cards. Therefore You will always find all cards in the correct position during the card reading.

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