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Tarot card meaning

The Belief

Tarot card - Belief

Key terms:

faith, fulfillment, belief, meditation 
(blindness, doubts)

Card meaning:

The Belief depicts a wise man, who has found what many people are missing today – true faith. He speaks to his disciples about life, about its pleasures and sufferings.

Faith gives meaning to our lives. And it does not always have to be the religious faith. A common belief, that good deeds are worth doing and that evil only brings more evil, is an important pillar of our daily effort.

When we lie down in the evening, we should feel that each of our acts fits into the mosaic of the meaningful path of our destiny. Even a seemingly wasted day can be a challenge to start doing things differently. Adversity is always a test for us. If you could not accomplish a long-awaited deal or someone in your family is ill, try to accept this fact as a special "gift" from above. Only with the belief that not just the good things, but everything in your life has a meaning, you will be able to come through tough life periods too.

There is only little faith in the modern world that presents lasting spiritual wealth for anyone, who has it. People, who do not have any faith, sometimes unnecessarily gamble with their life. Their only reward is a short-term boost in a sea of futility. Others are afraid to stop running and start meditating about their lives more deeply. The emptiness, that can be hidden in it, is often covered by wealth or appreciation of the surrounding. But new computer becomes outdated one day, T-shirt comes out of fashion and the car which might have required more care than your own family becomes rusty sooner or later. Just then one can realize, whether all these things actually served to a deeper way of life fulfillment, or whether you rather forgot about the shallow being because of all these things.

If you look around, you realize that it is human to make mistakes. Not each of our activities can be in absolute harmony with our belief and minor lapses represent tests of our faith. If you are on a diet and after a month of suffering you eat a sausage, it is not a crime. It is poor to consciously and deliberately harm yourself or the others. And that usually happens because of blind faith or no faith at all. If you smoke one cigarette, you do not have to despair, that you are a real smoker. But if you light this cigarette with joy in a forest, because you do not care, whether the forest burns down, then it is really bad with your faith.

Blind faith is equally dangerous as when there is no faith in you at all. Passionate follower of a religion can be equally dangerous as anyone, who do not believe even in himself. Therefore the belief needs to unite with reason.

Faith cannot be forced to anyone, nor can it be easily obtained. Faith is a deep conviction that every step in our life has a meaning. Despite our efforts to determine the course of our life, sometimes we find ourselves powerless. Then we should stop and contemplate. Things are happening as they should, whether we like it or not. And only with faith we can find peace in turbulent times or in suffering.

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