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Psychic Readings – What to expect?

What can you expect when consulting a psychic?

This is the most important question in psychic readings because you can only be pleasantly surprised if you have appropriate expectations. You should always know the limitations of psychic readings to avoid future disappointment. There are people, who enjoy psychic readings as entertainment (psychic reading can be for example a remarkable experiential gift). But it is very likely that you want to solve some difficult situation or discuss your troubles when consulting a psychic. You usually talk over the personal issues with your friends, family or colleagues. Anyway, you can sometimes feel that an unbiased insight into your problems can be very helpful or that there are simply some issues you do not want to share with your neighbors. In such case, you can decide to consult psychic reading.

»   What can psychics do

Psychics can provide you with information which can open your eyes and help you to see your problems from another perspective. Only when you see your problems from distance, you can be open-minded and undertake solutions you would not have considered before. Psychics can show you options, but not give you guarantees. The future is always open, even if some future images are more likely than others.

Psychics should be able to give you advice which from the images of the future are more suitable for you than others. Some possible events could make you more or less happy and you should know the psychics opinion. Nobody can tell you: “You will meet a handsome tall man tomorrow at 11am in Starbucks and you will have two children in the next five years.” That is a nonsense. But you should obtain answers like: “To have two children in the near future would probably make you happy, because ...” or “to have a relationship with an exceptionally handsome man can cause troubles, because ...”

Psychics should help you to calm down and to find peace of mind in a longer term. A lot of people visit psychics, when they are actually upset or when they have had problems for  longer time. In both cases, it is a challenge for the psychics to give you the best possible help to restore your equilibrium.

»   What psychics CANNOT do

Psychics cannot make any decisions for you. An honest psychic should not push you to any action. You have to always decide for yourself because you are the only one responsible for your life. Be aware of simple or definitive advice like: “You have to divorce soon or you will never be happy!” or “you must leave your job otherwise a horrible disaster will come!” Psychics should always talk to you in a pleasant and positive manner, even if they  have doubts about your future success and happiness. They should never press you to the corner, where your free will would be limited.  

Psychics cannot make your problems disappear. It is not possible by any means (even of magic) to let your troubles simply vanish. If a psychic tells you there is some spell on you or your family, be very careful. It is probably a deceiver. Psychics cannot curse you or remove curses. You are always the only one responsible. Even if your problem is for example a very serious illness in your family, you are the one who must handle the situation. Unfortunately no magic can remove your problems in an instant.

Psychics cannot give straightforward predictions. Psychics are not able to predict lottery numbers nor other evident events. There is always a human free will and the natural coincidence present in the chain of events. Therefore psychics cannot predict the future. Psychics are able to foretell (see or feel in some strange way) future options. But they do not have unquestionable evidence for what they foretell. Thus everything a psychic is telling you is always just an image of possible development.

Psychics cannot read your mind. People are very often afraid that psychics can scan their brain or that psychics can discover very intimate details of their life even if they do not talk about such topics. You can be sure that none of this is true. If it was, there would be a “Mind Reading Department” in the secret services, police or in the army. However, the past scientific and military experiments proved this ability only as controversial.

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