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Psychic Readings – What Is Psychic Reading?

Definition of Psychic Reading

A psychic is a person sensitive to impulses beyond the natural range of human perception. And psychic reading is a session with such a gifted person that answers your questions and offers advice. The psychic aims to get in tune with you during the reading. Psychic reading can have various forms. It can take place in person, by e-mail, by phone, via Skype etc. Readings can vary in time. It can take from few minutes to several hours. But a common length is approximately half an hour. Psychic readers can use various tools such as tarot cards, pendulum, crystal ball, runes, stones, bones, tea leaves and many others.

Psychic reading is probably as old as the human history. From the indigenous people ("first people") where shamans played an important role to the modern history (including celebrities, kings, emperors and presidents) – indeed many people use the gift of psychic readers.

Forms of Psychic Reading

»   Psychic Reading in Person

Reading in person is the most ancient and conventional way how to perform psychic reading. Most of the readers agree that smooth energy flow is very important during psychic reading. Therefore it is always better to be present in person in your psychic reading than to be in distance (phone, e-mail, skype), because the energy flow between you and the reader is more obvious and less disturbed. However, there are types of psychic reading, that are not so much dependent on your immediate energy tuning (astrology, numerology or palm reading are the best examples), because they derive from calculation or observation of external events. Face-to-face psychic reading is the most intense form of psychic reading.

»   Phone and Skype Reading

The advantage of phone reading is simply your comfort. You can have done psychic reading and at the same time lay on your bed (of course you will be sitting in a chair, but via the phone nobody knows where exactly you are – and this applies to the reader as well). The disadvantage is that you do not have a direct visual contact with the reader (except of Skype with webcam) and thus you are usually not able to identify immediately, whether you are comfortable with the reader. The contact is more anonymous and that can suit better to shy people. It is also less time consuming than the convenient face-to-face reading.

However, both of these circumstances can often prove inconvenient. During the phone reading you are often unable to go deep in your questions (short time) and the phone reading can turn out very flat after all. The fact that you are not facing the reader in person can cause several troubles. You have to trust your intuition only by voice. You have no possibilities to gain information from the body language of the reader – how she or he looks and behaves. However, the credibility of the psychic reader does not have to be a problem, if she or he has good references or is a public person.

»   E-mail Reading

E-mail reading is the most impersonal form of psychic reading. The reader has very limited possibilities to get information about you. You can provide him with your birth date and brief description of your situation and problems. Some potential difficulties are similar to the phone reading (as described above) with one important difference, that you do not even have the voice contact.

That is the reason, why you can consider the e-mail reading to be a peculiar one. You never know who is answering you. If you write to a celebrity, you also do not know, whether the answer is authentic or from an assistant or a marketing representative. And it is the same with e-mail reading – you never know who is the author of the e-mail response – if it is a credible one.

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