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Psychic Readings – How to Prepare for a Reading?

Before you get a psychic reading

»   Feeling Nervous?

If the psychic reading is a new experience for you, it is normal to feel nervous. Psychic reading is, of course, something you should enjoy. Therefore it is always better to stay calm than to be nervous during the reading. Never forget: You are not in an exam. On the contrary, the psychic is someone, who must prove her/his qualities! So stay calm and let your natural energy flow. It really often depends on your peace and quiet mind, whether the psychic reading brings the desired result to you.

Try to experience psychic reading in the same way as going shopping or to the cinema. It can be entertaining and it is something that belongs to everyday life. Right, for the first time it is something new, exceptional and rare. That can be the reason to feel insecure and anxious. Do you remember your first kiss, first drive, first flight? It was thrilling for sure. And today? Is it not better to feel safe and comfortable when carrying out all these activities? Try to look at psychic reading as if it was something familiar. I know, probably you will tell the reader private and delicate issues. But do not forget that the reader listens to the same and similar issues every day.

If you stay calm, the result will be much better. And above all, psychic reading does not require any special skills from you. It is not a job interview or police interrogation. It is simply a natural dialog between you and the psychic, a sequence of questions and answers, which should result in your deeper understanding, well-being and peace of mind.

»   Three simple tips to get the best reading possible

How to prepare for a reading? It is nothing sophisticated – just think about how to spend the reading with the psychic while not wasting the precious time. It is clear you have to be fit (sleep enough and do not drink alcohol or take any drugs the day before the reading).

Prepare your questions or the subject you want to talk about. Obviously you will not be able to go through your entire life during one session. Therefore prepare up to three questions. The psychic will not tell you any guaranteed solutions (except of those apparent ones such as: “If you have high blood pressure you should avoid stress, no alcohol and play some sport.”). So you have to keep your expectations realistic – accept what the psychic is saying as a possibility. The psychic will not tell you the exact future. The psychic should draw and explain various story-lines of your life and give you an insight into your choices.

Do not be afraid to take notes. No one has the memory of an elephant. And you will later think about the past psychic reading for sure. So take notes to make it easier for you to think over all those options and advice you got.


  1. Prepare for the reading
  2. Relax during the psychic reading
  3. Be attentive and take notes
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