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Psychic Reading Reviews – Choosing a Psychic and How to Avoid Psychic Scams?

Choosing a Psychic

To choose a suitable psychic reader takes some time. If you were buying a new computer, you would surely not take the first one you would encounter. You would study parameters and design to feel comfortable with it. And to pick a suitable psychic is similar. First, you have to think about the psychic abilities you are searching for (astrologer, tarot reader, numerologist, medium, reiki practitioner or others). Second, you have to decide which form of psychic reading will suit you the most (face-to-face psychic reading, phone or Skype reading or e-mail reading).

Psychic Reading Reviews

„A review is an evaluation of a publication, product, service, or company“ says Wikipedia. The Review should be preferably independent. But the problem is that there is too much influence from several commercial psychic networks. It is a big business, so they need to give the best possible impression. In practice many psychic networks remove negative feedback (delete negative reviews or comments). What is even worse, they often pay friends or workers to write fake positive reviews! My guess is that most of the reviews that you can find at search the top are fake reviews. So, whom to trust? This is really difficult. I would recommend to read multiple user reviews and watch out for those suspiciously positive ones. The right review should be at least a little critical. I think crucial is the ratio between positive and negative reviews. To have only positive reviews seem strange to me.

»   Choosing a Psychic Online (Internet Reviews)

Most comfortable way of looking for a psychic is searching the Internet. You can look for reviews, discussions and tips, but be careful. A lot of these are only well made advertisement. Today, it is easy to publish a text as a virtual user, so it can be often hard to distinguish between real and fabricated testimonies. There is no easy way how to identify a fake review. However, a warning sign can be when the whole website is recommending one psychic or online service only, especially when you see such recommendation immediately on the front page. Then you can be almost sure that this is a payed advertisement. There is nothing bad about advertisement, but it is ethically problematic, if you hide an advertisement behind an authentically looking personal statement or story. Therefore, you have to be attentive when looking for a psychic on the Internet.

»   Looking for a Psychic in your Neighborhood

Word of mouth is a good way to get reliable references. You can always ask your friends, whether they have any personal experience with a psychic reader. Another possibility is to visit a new age store. Psychic readers are often carrying out their readings in new age stores. You can always ask the staff, if they can recommend you a suitable psychic, because they usually have very good relations. On the one hand, psychic readers are customers of new age stores, and on the other hand, they promote lectures, workshops, meetings and readings there.

If you do not know, which new age store has the best reputation, go on the Internet, make a list of them and visit them all. Look how many customers they have and if the shop makes a good impression on you. Trust your own intuition. If you experience the atmosphere, you can immediately feel confidence or doubts about the store.

How to Avoid Psychic Scams

It is always useful to know common tips how to recognize psychic scammers:

  1. Cold reading: If the psychic asks you many questions but does not not give enough precise answers at the same time, it can be a cold reading. Or you can be asked to develop some vague statements (Psychic reader: “I see something in your future, but the picture is unclear and you could help me explain, what it means to you.”)
  2. Spell removing: A psychic should never ask you for money to remove spell or curse from you or your family, because psychics are not able to do miracles.
  3. Free/cheap psychic reading: Many proclaimed free psychic readings are not free at all. For example you can encounter phone readings where only the first 3 minutes are free. But you are not able to figure out anything during such short time and you start paying the call. To obtain useful and good service, you have to pay. Neither car mechanics nor physicians can work for free, and neither psychics can do so. Thus if you are worried about your money, ask for cancellation in advance. Reputable psychics should cancel the reading and refund your money, if you feel uncomfortable during the reading.
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