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Psychic Abilities and Predictions – Who Is a Psychic?

Psychic Abilities

To have psychic abilities means to have a special gift to perceive unseen reality. Sometimes it is also called the sixth sense. A psychic is a sensitive person, who is able to sense things and qualities, which others are not. See some common examples – have you ever had the feeling, that somebody will ring at your door? And did it happen? Have you ever had the feeling, that your friend will call you in a moment? And did it happen? Well, these are few basic examples of psychic abilities. You can think about many others examples from your daily life: You can as well have a dream that comes true or you can feel what someone is going to say few second before they say it.

All of this psychic abilities mentioned above occur very frequently. But only few people are gifted that much, that they could develop their extraordinary talent to some higher grade. It is the same as with other talents. If you are not talented to music, you will hardly master piano or violin. Likewise, if your talent in psychic abilities is limited, you can't become a skilled psychic.

»   The Most Known Psychic Abilities

Psychics usually use other disciplines like astrology, card reading, palm reading, numerology etc., which we can't count among human supernatural powers. Those are complicated systems of knowledge, which can by appropriate use bring information about our destiny and life possibilities. For example in contrast with telepathy, astrology is very technical subject, which requires long study and relies on real astronomical data.

»   The Source Of Psychic Abilities

What is considered the source of psychic abilities? Psychics don't agree about how it is possible to perceive this unusual information and where this unlikely information comes from. Probably psychics are able to feel energy fields that contain the information and that common people are unaware of. We can imagine some energy footprints, channels or bridges, which deliver this kind of knowledge.

Psychic Predictions

The basic question is, whether the purpose of extraordinary psychic abilities is to predict the future. Looking at the statistics, the straightforward predictions hardly ever come true. The main question therefore is: Do we have a free will? If the answer is YES, then there is no possibility to predict the future for sure.

If our world and our lives would be definitely predestined, there would not be any space for our free will. Fortunately, it seems there are enough opportunities, where we can decide ourselves and thus prove the existence of our free will. If nothing else, always take one example into account: If psychics were able to predict the lottery numbers, they all surely would be billionaires. But the lottery numbers are drawn by chance and there is no straight possibility to know them.

»   What Are Psychic Predictions Good For?

So, what are psychic predictions good for? They should definitely help us explore all future options. Our destiny is like a landscape. And with the help of psychic predictions we can discern more precisely the outlines of this landscape of life. With the help of psychic predictions we can identify various pathways for our decision making. Some of them are easier and some are more difficult. And psychic predictions should help recognize those more suitable ones.

It would be hard to grow crops on rocks and similarly it is often hard to follow the direction in our life, which is not suitable for us. Psychic reading should tell us, which alternatives our destiny offers and how could this or another one connect to us.

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